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How to become wealthy in life

Very few people can deny that having more money would be a good thing for them. To become wealthy in life we have to discover as much as we can about money.

Let’s breakdown what money really is. Money is either numbers in a bank account, investments or bits of paper and bits of metal.

It not the money we want it’s the things money can buy us. We want bigger houses, better holiday, but wait…  is this really what we want?

When we buy these things what we get is emotions, we feel secure, we feel freedom, we feel happy. So what we really want is not the money it is the feelings this money will give us.

Understanding the true goal is your path to wealth

If you have ever bought something new like a new car or a dress how long did you stay happy for? It’s not long before the happiness for those things wears off and you’re off looking for something else to make you feel good.

There is nothing wrong with feeling great in the short term, but what is it that will make you feel good long term.

Not knowing what will give us lasting happiness is why many rich people are not happy and many poor people stay poor.

The rich people will get depressed and unhappy like the rest of us, unless they discover their true path to happiness. Long hours to gain wealth could have lost years with their family, maybe the cost is too high just to get stuff.

The poorer people maybe be unsure of their true path to lasting happiness and their passions lie in money alone as this is deemed to be where happiness sits.

Money is not the answer it is only one of the many things we need to be truly happy. If you target just one goal you could just spend your life chasing the wrong thing.

Become wealthy in every aspect of your life, career, relationships, family, fun, sure make yourself rich, but not at the cost of what is really important to you.

Building trust in a relationship

When trust issues arise the foundations of the relationship becomes unstable and regrettable emotionally driven decisions can take over.

From lies to affairs from lack of understanding to lack of appreciation, one thing is clear, being in a relationship with trust as an issue is a big painful problem.

You have to stop and understand one thing! If you don’t have trust in your relationship you don’t have a relationship that will last.

When the trust goes the security goes. When the security goes one or both parties will seek security elsewhere. This could mean friends, family, wanting to be on their own, or maybe an affair.

When you lose security you lose respect for your partner and when that goes resentment sets in as you live each day in fear of what your future will hold for you.

Both of you need to understand the cost of what has been created between you. From here you can start from a point of agreement.

  • “That the relationship has a problem!

When you get to this point you can then together agree on which direction you want to go.

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How do I become successful

What is the key to creating a successful life

What do you want? Is it to be rich, famous, the best at what you do, or is success to you a secure happy life free from worry.

Whatever you are striving for, as long as it’s physically possible there is usually a plan to achieve it.

There is a simple key to achieving anything you want.

You need to have a PASSION, but most importantly you need a BELIEF that what you are passionate about is possible.

Only when you believe in your passion will you then be happy to take massive ACTIONS.

Even if your actions don’t work, your passion motivates you to discover more actions and you keep going until you achieve your goal.

This is the process used by many of the greatest people in history.

Why most people fail at being successful

They don’t have a strong enough belief in their passion or what they are trying to achieve. What then happens is because the motivation is too weak and their actions are not strong enough. The results from the weak actions produce poor results and NOW you have proof that it was a waste of your time.

  • With that strategy you will fail before you start, and a lot of people do.

The biggest challenge is discovering, what is your life passion? What goals are you trying to achieve and do you have a plan strong enough to make it happen?

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Relationship Problems – Communication Breakdown

Is communication with your partner getting harder?

relationship problems- communication breakdown

If you are experiencing relationship problems it’s very likely that a confusion in communication is at the root of the problem.

Your partner could be left with the wrong impression of you, and you’ll never know until it’s too late. As soon as your partner starts attaching bad feelings to you, it’s time to take action, because things can get out of hand fast for all the wrong reasons.

Men and women are totally different in the way they view the world and their relationship, so understanding the meaning behind their words is critical.

When someone speaks, what happens is you respond to them based on your interpretation of what they said. What you are hearing is not what they are thinking when they communicated those words. So a distortion of the meaning is highly likely.

Arguments are very often the fault of a loss of meaning in the translation.

What we do is we make up a assumption of the meaning and argue about the translation of the words rather than the actual intention.

Arguments can go round in circles like this as an interpretation of words is thrown back and forth and then denied… “…NO!… That’s not what I said!” “… YES IT WAS!”

If you want to understand what your partner is communicating try to get more information before you respond emotionally.

Get specifics from them about their meaning and discover their intentions behind their words, very often you will discover that the intentions are good and not what you initially thought.

Clear communication and understanding is critical to any relationship

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