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We Just Don’t Talk Anymore

Is the silence in your relationship shouting “We Have A Problem”?

If you are starting to realise that you and your partner no longer communicate then this may start to ring alarm bells that something is wrong.

Is this something that just you have noticed, or have you both mentioned it.
Maybe it’s your partner that says “…we don’t seem to talk anymore”, but for you everything is ok.

  • Was there ever a time that you both talked, if so what did you talk about?
  • When did it change?
  • What made the change happen?
  • If it seems that you don’t talk anymore, what don’t you talk about?
  • What do you talk about?
  • What do you want to talk about with your partner?
  • Why do you think you partner is not talking to you?

Every relationship is different and the individuals in the relationships have different needs.

A couple not talking could be harmless comfortable familiarity or could be a sign of concern where the relationship is being filled with hidden thoughts or possibly resentment.

Only the couple themselves will know the truth.

Are you missing how things used to be… have you lost something?

Maybe you have remembered the nights when you stayed up for hours talking about life and the universe and you want that back. Maybe you used to go away for weekends or go to concerts and work and family have taken over and now the relationship is suffering.

Communicating and keeping your relationship alive and exciting is a wonderful feeling.

Maybe you need a relationship health check with
Relationship Counsellor and NLP Coach Stephen Hedger.

Reignite the passion in your relationship

Step 6 – Relationship Rebuilding Process

Stephen Hedger helps couple understand that making time for the intimate side of their relationship is critical to reconnect you both.

The fundamental difference between those you love (friends & family) and your partner is the intimate side to your relationship.

Couples can find that they live in a lighter version of themselves in fear of sharing their true passionate selves. When they live in this state they are never allowed to be who they really are and this can kill the soul of those people.

Connecting with the true you is a liberating experience in fact this part of you is just one of many parts that all have their roles.

Stephen will help couples feel safe to share their darker needs and how to access these different parts of their personalities and take the relationship to a whole new deeper and exciting level.

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The Relationship Building Process

Building lasting relationships with Stephen Hedger

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Dealing with your future relationship problems

Step 5 – Relationship Rebuilding Process

Stephen Hedger will explain that no amount of relationship work will stop problems arising in the relationship. What’s important is the way you work together to ensure the relationship is never affected.

Relationship problems can take 1000’s of forms.

Problems can be from outside pressures such as work, friends, family, money problems etc. Or problems can come from misunderstandings and assumption between the couple.

On top of all these potential issues we have the ever changing states the individuals go through the different communication strategies of the individuals and the massive difference between the sexes.

Stephen will help the couple understand the critical thought processes needed to keep the relationship problems at bay the couple secure and safe no matter what happens.

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The Relationship Building Process

Building lasting relationships with Stephen Hedger
To Make An Appointment Call: 0845 519 4808

Relationship growth and building a future together

Step 4 – Relationship Rebuilding Process

Stephen Hedger explains that if the relationship stops growing it dies. Building a compelling future together is critical.

When a couple first meet they have so many plans and life starts off so exciting. They put effort into the way they dress how they look, they constantly make plans together, weekends away, special nights out, presents, cards.

They then might plan to move in together, buy a house and maybe start a family.

What can happen to a relationship is that a busy life gets in the way and the relationship then has no direction, the individuals end up serving their own needs and soon as the relationship becomes all about ME! If this happens you’re really in trouble.

Stephen will help the couple get addicted to serving each others needs and get them making plans to ensure the relationship has an exciting direction.

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The Relationship Building Process

Building lasting relationships with Stephen Hedger
To Make An Appointment Call: 0845 519 4808