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Discover What You Fear – It’s Critical To Your Success

What you fear could be guiding you to towards a life you don’t want without you knowing.

When you consider the life you really want, what comes to mind as a reason why are not taking steps to achieve those goals.

Discover your fear

Most people will come up with excuses that seem to be blocks that are impossible to over come. These blocks are created by fear and even when challenged these people will passionately defend their position of why they can’t do what they say they want to do.

It’s time to get honest with yourself. Have you committed to get something you wanted for your life and then pulled out because of something or someone?

If so explore the real reason you pulled out.

It could be you wanted to

  • Improve your health

  • Get a better job

  • Set up that company

  • Get a mentor

Before I go consider this, when you think of all the successful people you know do you think “fear” is one of the standards these people live by and admire?

Persistence & the art of success

If I could only give one message to my children that message would be to be persistent in their quest to live their lives to a higher standard.

In fact persistence is the key to your success.

There is one thing that all successful people have in common and that is a persistence to achieve what they set out to achieve no matter what external forces stand in their way.

This persistence is born out of a belief within themselves that knowing what they are wanting to achieve is 100% possible, no matter how impossible it may seem to others.

It is this belief in their own ideas and vision is that creates the massive actions needed to get results. The bigger the actions and the more mistakes they make the quicker they learn what not to do until eventually they run out of ways to do it wrong and then success is the only choice left.

This is why you hear so many stories of millionaires who have made a fortune lost it and then made it back again.

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False Gods and Two Dimensional Lives

When you consider who has the most influence over us and over our children what keeps coming back is POP stars and film stars.

These are the people who millions look up to. Anyone can see the influence these stars have in the passion and eyes of those who enter reality programmes like Xfactor or Britains Got Talent you can see how much these people believe that this life style will give them all they need to be happy.

But of those few who do reach their goals, do they have what they though they were going to get?  No… most with experience look at their success differently than those that want it.

So when you reflect on who we admire and who we want to copy for our life model be sure that their life is really what you want, because drugs, alcohol, depression, rehab is seemingly prevalent in those we tend to admire.

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How to never be offended ever again

To be offended by what others say something within you has to happen first.

1. You have to respect the person and their opinion

2. You have to put importance on the judgement of others even though you have no idea by what standard you are being judged or how they are qualified to assess you.

3. You will have to accept their opinion and agree that on some level they are right even if consciously you think they are not.

4. You will then reject your own agreement with what they say and this will make you angry cross or upset.

5. You will then blame them for how upset they made you feel.

6. The truth is it’s you that makes you upset.

By giving away your personal power to others you are at their mercy and they know it. Why allow others to be your judge.

Take control of your emotions today and watch your confidence and self-esteem grow.