Blind date

Did sparks fly between writer and comedian John Davis, 34, and 32-year-old executive assistant Andrea Schnitzer?

John on Andrea

Before the date, what were you hoping for? A cross between Björk and Judith Butler.
First impressions? She seemed very welcoming and had a cracking smile.
What did you talk about? Kara-uke – karaoke to a background of ukuleles; food; and the similarities between Bavarians and the Irish.
Any awkward moments? An awkward pause when we were trying to decide between more sake or another bottle of wine.
Good table manners? Impeccable. We established early on that the use of hands when eating should be more widely adopted. And we kept stealing from each other’s plates.
Best thing about her? Her fantastic sense of the ridiculous.
Would you introduce her to your friends? Andrea wouldn’t be the problem in that equation.
Could she meet the parents? No problem. Mum would like her and Dad would be a bit perplexed – she has a very quick wit.
Did you go on somewhere? To a bar down the road.
And… did you kiss? A gentleman never tells. We wished each other a polite good evening, and discussed the possibility of doing it again.
Marks out of 10? 8.
Would you meet again? It’s certainly a possibility.

Andrea on John

Before the date, what were you hoping for? For a good laugh, good conversation, good food.
First impressions? Relief! He made a very good first impression – John seems very open and talkative.
What did you talk about? Moving country (he lived in Australia for nine years, I moved to London from Germany 11 years ago), food and kara-uke.
Any awkward moments? None that I can remember.
Good table manners? Very good, but since we had sushi it got a bit messy.
Best thing about him? His sense of humour.
Would you introduce him to your friends? Yes.
Could he meet the parents? Maybe.
Did you go on somewhere? We went on to a bar for drinks.
And… did you kiss? Yes.
Marks out of 10? 9.
Would you meet again? I certainly wouldn’t object.

• John and Andrea ate at Tsuru, London EC4.
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