Life Coach in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Stephen Hedger is offering life coaching services in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire.

Stephen helps his clients with a comprehensive range of challenges.

Some clients have relationship problems, or want to meet someone special and need help with dating. Some have confidence or self-esteem issues and are unhappy, but don’t know why.

Some want to start businesses or have a hit a cross roads and are afraid to choose a direction.

Life coaching is great for anyone who is stuck and has run out of ways to help themselves. Life coaches help clients understand how the mind and body work together to get the best results.

Life coaches know how to get clients motivated to achieve their goals by really understanding how their goal aligns with their life values.

Life coaches help their clients look at their lives and challenges from new and fresh perspectives.

Clients experience a fresher and lighter feeling whilst gaining, confidence in future decisions and a clear route to gaining the life they really want.

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Work life balance causing problems for managers

Sickness Absence Work Related Stress Work life balance

If you are the CEO, executive or manager of any group of people, absenteeism is going to be affecting your productivity. So your bottom line is constantly being compromised.

You will be aware that stress is one of the major causes of an individuals problems.

What you are probably not aware of is how easy it is to deal with stress related problems with the right focus.

Individuals suffering from stress, depression or anxiety have to do something for their condition to happen to them. It is a myth that these conditions happen to us, but if we do let them in these conditions will drive extremely powerful emotions, which if prolonged will also display in physical problems.

This is why a 100 people exposed to the same situation will all react differently. A certain percentage will thrive and others will fall over.

Those that show signs of not being able to cope are in a learned helplessness state or are getting something positive from having the condition. This does not mean they are faking an illness, to them the illness is real, but they do create it in reaction to a fear that is personal to them.

Their fear could be work or home related. With relationship problems, separation and divorce on the increase and added pressure at work you can see how easy it is for an individual to start to learn how to feel unhappy.

This creeps up on them over time, they start to slow down as life starts to feel more and more hopeless. Prevention is the critical factor for both the individuals, the managers and the businesses.

Businesses can help their workforce in a number of ways.

  • 1. Help your teams understand that their focus will be driving their emotions and these emotion can lead to success or failure.
  • 2. Offer your teams access individually to someone who understands where they are and how they have got their and can train them to change their focus and beliefs to be happier, fearless and therefore far more productive.

Stephen Hedger offers companies and individuals help in combating the problems a work life balance presents. Stephen is available for emergency situations and strategic long term prevention.
Please call on 0845 519 4808