False Gods and Two Dimensional Lives

When you consider who has the most influence over us and over our children what keeps coming back is POP stars and film stars.

These are the people who millions look up to. Anyone can see the influence these stars have in the passion and eyes of those who enter reality programmes like Xfactor or Britains Got Talent you can see how much these people believe that this life style will give them all they need to be happy.

But of those few who do reach their goals, do they have what they though they were going to get?  No… most with experience look at their success differently than those that want it.

So when you reflect on who we admire and who we want to copy for our life model be sure that their life is really what you want, because drugs, alcohol, depression, rehab is seemingly prevalent in those we tend to admire.

Who do you think is admired for all the wrong reasons? Let us know below…