How to make changes in your life?

When someone wants to make a change there are certain things that person has to have for that change to happen.

It is because of a lack of the following qualities many people fail to achieve their dreams. This is where the value of a life coach or mentor becomes critical. Knowing what a human needs before they can become successful is critical to anyone success.

The desire to change…

To start with the person has to want to change. The process of change is not always a smooth one because what you believe today will have to be challenged. This is because whatever you believe and have persistently practised so far has resulted in where you are today.

Belief in yourself

If you want to change you have to believe that the change is possible and that you are worthy of receiving the great things those changes will get you. Failure to have these beliefs will ensure that your goals are never met.

Motivation and action

Understand the motivation behind your goals is what will keep you going. You could be motivated by pain of a situation or you couple just want more. Understanding the motivation will help you stay focused on your goals. Without the necessary motivation you will never take the actions needed to get what you really want.

Persistence and self discipline

The biggest and most important quality is a persistence to even when things get tough to follow through with your plan. When people don’t see instant results they tend to give up. People who are successful did not become this way over night.

Take stock of your life now!

What do you have that you don’t want? What did you consistantly do to achieve this. The reason I ask this is to prove that persistance works it just needs channeling in a positive way.

Would love to hear your stories of your life changes and how you became successful.

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Does money make you happy?

The people without money would probably say yes, and the people with money would be likely to say no, although they would not want to be without it.

The self made rich will tell you that their passion was in something else such as a sport or love of making cakes or saving lives, and money was a by product to their passion.

If someone is truly passionate then they will tirelessly focus on their passionate goal regardless of any knock backs big or small.

The worlds most successful coach Tony Robbins said…
“My first mentor was a man named Jim Rohn. He taught me that happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in our quality of life.”

Jim Rohn was referring to our potential to using our biggest asset, our ability to learn and develop skills that would make us valuable to in every area of our lives, both to others and ourselves.

Jim Rohn encouraged his students to spend their time working on themselves and making themselves valuable to the market they wanted to work in to be able to create personal wealth.

A health disregard for the impossible

Now imagine if you obtained skills to make you more valuable and then did something that no other person would try.

This is what Sergey Bin and Larry Page the founders of Google did. Much to the amusement of others they decided to try to download the whole of the internet onto a computer. The result of this so called crazy idea resulted in free information for millons of people globally and a multi-billion dollar asset.

Passion is the key to your happiness,
the passion to develop YOU!

Your biggest regrets are not going to be I wish I had more dresses or a bigger house or I wish I had a faster car.

  • Your regrets are going to be about what you didn’t do
  • The risks you didn’t take
  • The rules you didn’t break
  • Who you could have loved more and that includes YOU!

Who do you think is now standing in the way to your true happiness?

You are probably already aware of the fact you are not doing enough to live the life you really want. By now you know what it’s like to be without what you want. Is now the time to discover something new and create your new path to your goals and plan your life today with me… Only you can decide!

How do I become successful

What is the key to creating a successful life

What do you want? Is it to be rich, famous, the best at what you do, or is success to you a secure happy life free from worry.

Whatever you are striving for, as long as it’s physically possible there is usually a plan to achieve it.

There is a simple key to achieving anything you want.

You need to have a PASSION, but most importantly you need a BELIEF that what you are passionate about is possible.

Only when you believe in your passion will you then be happy to take massive ACTIONS.

Even if your actions don’t work, your passion motivates you to discover more actions and you keep going until you achieve your goal.

This is the process used by many of the greatest people in history.

Why most people fail at being successful

They don’t have a strong enough belief in their passion or what they are trying to achieve. What then happens is because the motivation is too weak and their actions are not strong enough. The results from the weak actions produce poor results and NOW you have proof that it was a waste of your time.

  • With that strategy you will fail before you start, and a lot of people do.

The biggest challenge is discovering, what is your life passion? What goals are you trying to achieve and do you have a plan strong enough to make it happen?

If you are feeling lost with your direction or have a passion, but don’t seem to be getting results. Book some time with Stephen below.