How to get rich look beautiful & have passionate relationships.

If you are lazy and want to world to bring riches to your door then this post is not for you. However if you want to know how to create a life rich with all that you desire then read on.

One of the keys to creating a successful life is to spend as much time as possible working on yourself so that you can become more valuable to those who will give you money, to those who love you and to yourself for a long healthy and happy life.

Increasing your value in any area of your life is critical to your success.

The only way to increase your value in all these areas is to become persistent in taking the actions that will give you everything you want.

The reason most people are not successful is the jump from where they are today, to where they want to be is too big, and so they try and try, and after failing again and again, they give up.

Those that don’t give up and keep changing what they are doing until they run out of ways to fail are in the top 1% of the world’s most successful people in their field.

Persistence is the key, but learn from your mistakes. Discover who has what you want and discover what they did, how they did it. Learn from a mentor who knows how to break down what they did, or who has life experience in this field and can share their wisdom.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

  • If you want an amazing lasting relationship discover what you both need for this to happen.
  • If you want to accumulate cash then learn how to increase your value in the market.
  • If you want to live a healthy long life then discover the fuels and the effects of the fuels you are feeding your body.

Your value in any area of your life is based on understanding your direction and then getting the information that is most likely to get you what you really want.

In short if you want to add value to your life feed yourself knowledge fast!

What to do when you feel hopeless

No matter how driven we can all be there are times when you think what’s the point? This can hit at any time without warning and the reason can be many and varied, but the way we achieve this is the same.

You have to be focused on something you don’t want, you have to be physically slumped either as you sit or walk.

If this is how you are feeling today then STOP because what you are doing will get worse.

Take a moment to focus on all that you are grateful for, give yourself permission to smile for no reason and get active fast, walk, run, jump or dance.

What this simple process will achieve apart from strange looks in the office is a chemical change that will counter the low mood chemicals your current focus is creating.

Very quickly you will notice a change in how you feel, now is the time to focus on your goals and why you have them. If you have set amazing goals and you know all the feelings you will have when you achieve your goals then your motivation to get them will be huge.

Give this a try and let me know how you get on…

Discover What You Fear – It’s Critical To Your Success

What you fear could be guiding you to towards a life you don’t want without you knowing.

When you consider the life you really want, what comes to mind as a reason why are not taking steps to achieve those goals.

Discover your fear

Most people will come up with excuses that seem to be blocks that are impossible to over come. These blocks are created by fear and even when challenged these people will passionately defend their position of why they can’t do what they say they want to do.

It’s time to get honest with yourself. Have you committed to get something you wanted for your life and then pulled out because of something or someone?

If so explore the real reason you pulled out.

It could be you wanted to

  • Improve your health

  • Get a better job

  • Set up that company

  • Get a mentor

Before I go consider this, when you think of all the successful people you know do you think “fear” is one of the standards these people live by and admire?

How to never be offended ever again

To be offended by what others say something within you has to happen first.

1. You have to respect the person and their opinion

2. You have to put importance on the judgement of others even though you have no idea by what standard you are being judged or how they are qualified to assess you.

3. You will have to accept their opinion and agree that on some level they are right even if consciously you think they are not.

4. You will then reject your own agreement with what they say and this will make you angry cross or upset.

5. You will then blame them for how upset they made you feel.

6. The truth is it’s you that makes you upset.

By giving away your personal power to others you are at their mercy and they know it. Why allow others to be your judge.

Take control of your emotions today and watch your confidence and self-esteem grow.