Coaching v Therapy

One question that keep coming up is what is the difference between coaching, therapy and counselling?

One of the reasons I personally enjoy coaching so much and decided to embark on my own journey of self discovery was after seeing my own coach many years ago. It was the profoundly positive affect I felt that was so forward thinking and really helped me feel good about myself again.

I had years before experienced counselling and therapist and they helped me to focus on all that was wrong in my life and so I left each session feeling worse, and with little guidance to feel better.

Therapists and counsellors usually look back over someone’s life to discover why they are experiencing problems today.

There are two key reasons why I don’t personally like this approach, one is because the client gets to relive all their painful memories. When they do this they focus on pain and so they start to see and experience more and more problems. This puts clients into learnt unresourceful states designed to get the reverse of what they want.

The second reason I dislike this approach is because those that do come to me after years in therapy find that changing is a tough road for them, this is because they are conditioned to link everything that happens back past experiences. What this does is to give the client even more reasons/excuses why they cannot achieve their goals.

Coaching is forward thinking and is focused on obtaining specific goals. If blocks from the past do occur then deep change work will be used to change the perception of a memory or a belief to free the individual to keep moving forward without all the focus on painful experiences.

How to make changes in your life?

When someone wants to make a change there are certain things that person has to have for that change to happen.

It is because of a lack of the following qualities many people fail to achieve their dreams. This is where the value of a life coach or mentor becomes critical. Knowing what a human needs before they can become successful is critical to anyone success.

The desire to change…

To start with the person has to want to change. The process of change is not always a smooth one because what you believe today will have to be challenged. This is because whatever you believe and have persistently practised so far has resulted in where you are today.

Belief in yourself

If you want to change you have to believe that the change is possible and that you are worthy of receiving the great things those changes will get you. Failure to have these beliefs will ensure that your goals are never met.

Motivation and action

Understand the motivation behind your goals is what will keep you going. You could be motivated by pain of a situation or you couple just want more. Understanding the motivation will help you stay focused on your goals. Without the necessary motivation you will never take the actions needed to get what you really want.

Persistence and self discipline

The biggest and most important quality is a persistence to even when things get tough to follow through with your plan. When people don’t see instant results they tend to give up. People who are successful did not become this way over night.

Take stock of your life now!

What do you have that you don’t want? What did you consistantly do to achieve this. The reason I ask this is to prove that persistance works it just needs channeling in a positive way.

Would love to hear your stories of your life changes and how you became successful.

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How to never be offended ever again

To be offended by what others say something within you has to happen first.

1. You have to respect the person and their opinion

2. You have to put importance on the judgement of others even though you have no idea by what standard you are being judged or how they are qualified to assess you.

3. You will have to accept their opinion and agree that on some level they are right even if consciously you think they are not.

4. You will then reject your own agreement with what they say and this will make you angry cross or upset.

5. You will then blame them for how upset they made you feel.

6. The truth is it’s you that makes you upset.

By giving away your personal power to others you are at their mercy and they know it. Why allow others to be your judge.

Take control of your emotions today and watch your confidence and self-esteem grow.

How to create goals

You want to be successful, but at what?

Creating goals is the hardest part of designing a successful life

What if you want to be successful but you’re not sure what at. There are coaches everywhere telling you that you can achieve anything you want. There are even books and films telling you to think yourself wealthy.

If you have the drive and the passion then you can achieve your dreams.

But what happens when you don’t know what your passion is. What happens if you don’t know what goal to go for?

If you have seen the Dragon’s Den you will see people taking charge of their lives and selling their houses to fund their dream to run a successful business.

These people have taken massive action, they have followed their dream, they have imagined themselves living the life they want, they have done everything coaches tell them to do only to be told to STOP…! by the dragons because in their opinion they are wasting their time and money.

The starting point which is where you are today and the millions of opportunities open to you need to be channelled into a direction you are happy to take that has the best chance in succeeding.

The goal is to discover your goal, your direction.

The principles of NLP is one of the few proven ways to gather information about a direction and an individual that proves to that individual if that direction is the right one to explore. Great questions can uncover your possibilities and the resources you require to achieve those results you desire.

Your goals have to be clarified and designed so you are not blindly walking down a lane to no where and you are on a journey where it is possible to reach your destination one step at a time.