Do you suffer from a lack of confidence?

Lost, alone and not sure which way to turn?

Anyone that believes or displays a lack of confidence can block themselves from achieving many great goals in their life.

Most confidence issues can be cured very quickly through changing beliefs about yourself and others.

You can free yourself…

What is a lack of confidence.

What’s interesting about confidence is the fact that someone may suffer from confidence issues in certain areas of their life, yet display total confidence in others.

No one deserves to wear the badge “I am not confident”

You could be a professional, fully confident in your career, yet lack confidence with dating. Or you could be lacking confidence in public speaking or maybe you just have this persona that screams I’m not confident in certain situations.

If you feel that this is you then let’s look at what might be happening.

Lack of confidence is created by a fear that something bad might happen.

What could someone be afraid of in their problem situations.

  • Fear of humiliation
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of success – Yes this happens a lot!

Maybe you could fill in your own fear ___________, or maybe you don’t know what is driving your lack of confidence.

Either way you now have a great question:

  • What fear is causing my lack of confidence and how do I remove it and free myself  from my life block?

If you wish to have this removed please book some time with NLP Life Coach Stephen Hedger

How to get everything you want

Do you need more of something?

Life changes whether we want it to or not.

As time passes it is very easy to accept those little changes without realising, only to discover over time the little changes have made a massive shift in your life direction over time.

Now you are not where you set out to be… So do you now let life make the decisions or do you take charge and get yourself back on track.

To achieve everything you want, you need a goal and a clear picture of where you are in relationship to that goal.

Where has life taken you?

As you sit there reading this have a look around you. Whatever decisions you have taken through out your life has brought you to this room right now.

Picture yourself in this room, look at the walls, the floors and the furniture.

Now notice what you notice about how you feel about the decisions you have taken to bring you to this very room right now.

As you ponder your feelings now ask yourself this…

…am I where I want to be? Is this the life I wanted? Am happy or can I do more.

Very often you will discover that there are many areas of your life that are not the way you want them to be. Career, relationships, money, debt, fun. Life can get so busy and it’s so easy to lose sight of what you really want.

If you have discovered that just maybe there are changes you would like to make, then you have two choices.

  • Option 1 – Do nothing and hope you get what you want.
  • Option 2 -  Get passionate about your life and start to discover what has been stopping you achieving.

Happiness is your right, and as long as what you want is physically possible then there is no reason why you should not have it.

In the words of Nike “…Just do it!”

What will an NLP coach do for me?

Coaching is all about creating change and making changes in the clients life. The  job of a coach is to discover how the client can be moved towards a more fulfilling life by discovering the clients internal map of his or her world that they live in.

The coach will learn how the client reacts to the world? What sequence of events happen internally for the client to create either successes or blocks to success?

The job of a coach is to create freedom for the client so they can congruently live their dream life without fear.

A coaches job is also to ensure that the link between the clients dream life and reality is practical with a well formed plan.

The coach will start to point out to the client the possibilities of choice and freedom that are open to the client.

These small changes in direction have always been there for the client, but through habit and habitual thinking, deviation off the current path has held no good reason despite the incongruent feelings the client may have had.

Who might come for coaching and why? Coaching is usually sought when a cure of some kind is needed or the thought of carrying on is too painful.

On the whole most people will not seek change unless it is consciously affecting their lives or those they love.

People rarely seek prevention, but they will seek cures…

The problem here is people don’t know, what they don’t know. They are not at fault for failing to discover that just maybe their internal map of the world is only a fraction of the size of the individuals internal map who have achieved what they want.

When is the right time to discover what you don’t know you are missing out on? Most people are too scared to find out because this could mean focusing on a dream and dreams don’t come true.

The sad thing is for many they are right because if you focus on not achieving something you will succeed.

A good coach will help you focus on achievable goals. There maybe 10 or 20 steps to your big goal, but each step is a step closer.

And as long as what you want is physically possible and you have passion for your own life then almost anything is possible and there is a plan for it.

Believe in yourself and fearlessly take giants steps. Only when you decide to do this will the possibility of massive success be yours.

The Power of Persuasion

Imagine having the power to be able to get people to do things you want them to do and make it seem like it was their idea?

I can see the devil in you at work already.

The art of persuasion is all around us, companies wanting us to buy things, partners wanting us to do things for them, sales people trying to convince you that what they have to sell just happens to be something that you need right now!

Rapport is the key

The quickest way to help someone see things your way is to get into rapport with them and discover how you can see the world from their perspective.

What you are after is for them to trust you, when they trust you they are far more likely to respect your views and listen to your ideas.

For example a sales man that tries to sell you a car because it’s cheaper than the big flash dealership down the road. Has made an assumption that price is what will make you buy. What you really want to know is, you will be looked after through the servicing of the car and if things go wrong.

Or how about the handsome guy who spends all night telling his date how great he is, and how cool his expensive his car is. Clearly missing the point that what she wants is, to feel great about herself when she’s with him. All he mastered was how to make himself feel good, and totally left her out.

The key to persuasion is presenting what you have to offer in a way that respects the needs of the people you’re communicating to. When they know you understand their needs and they feel good about themselves in your company then they are more likely to make the decision you wanted.

Rapport is one the critical keys to the art of persuasion.

Learning the art of rapport is beautiful art form of communication and one of the areas of NLP I personally enjoy the most.

  • If your interested to learn how to get into rapport for business or personal
    reasons please make contact with NLP Coach Stephen Hedger today