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Are you sick to death of your relationship problems. Do you need solid Relationship Advice that works?

Do you want: Once and for all to get to the bottom of why you’ve always had relationships problems ?

From dating issues to marriage problems, from divorce to abusive relationships.

You now have access to powerful relationship advice that really works from Stephen Hedger expert life and  relationship coach for the past 10 years.

When you consider your relationship(s) who was it that taught you how successful relationships work?

The chances are it was no one or maybe friends, parents or TV.

More likely it was trial and error, but now you are sick of the constant errors.

Stephen Hedger provides a no nonsense approach to helping you understand what it really takes to make a relationship work and how your past can have a dramatic affect on how you view your relationships and behave in them.

There’s a lot of relationship advice that tells people to get to know themselves first, but offers little help and guidance in how they do this.

A recently client with a very clear fear of being in a relationship was advised by a qualified counsellor to focus on being strong on her own. The client was clearly already very good at this as her fear had kept her in that very place. In essence the counsellor was helping her client to stay stuck. The reverse of what the client wanted.

It is this kind of advice that blocks people searching for help. In fact many people who come to see Stephen Hedger have be subjected to this kind of counter productive low value advice.

Stephen will help you to understand with clarity why your relationships are not working and how to change it. Stephen’s clients get taken on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers the true them.

The true you lives without fears.

As you go through life you create different versions of yourself to cope with all that life throws at you. If you have been very hurt or have had traumatic events in your life then you are likely to become stuck in one of these versions of you.

This distorted version of yourself then gets presented to the world and attracts people who like the distorted version of you.

As you can image this alone will cause problems as the real you fights with this partner.

Successful relationships are based on one thing. Your commitment to holding yourself to a higher standard in your personal relationships.

And the first step is to understand what is really going on.

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