How to create goals

You want to be successful, but at what?

Creating goals is the hardest part of designing a successful life

What if you want to be successful but you’re not sure what at. There are coaches everywhere telling you that you can achieve anything you want. There are even books and films telling you to think yourself wealthy.

If you have the drive and the passion then you can achieve your dreams.

But what happens when you don’t know what your passion is. What happens if you don’t know what goal to go for?

If you have seen the Dragon’s Den you will see people taking charge of their lives and selling their houses to fund their dream to run a successful business.

These people have taken massive action, they have followed their dream, they have imagined themselves living the life they want, they have done everything coaches tell them to do only to be told to STOP…! by the dragons because in their opinion they are wasting their time and money.

The starting point which is where you are today and the millions of opportunities open to you need to be channelled into a direction you are happy to take that has the best chance in succeeding.

The goal is to discover your goal, your direction.

The principles of NLP is one of the few proven ways to gather information about a direction and an individual that proves to that individual if that direction is the right one to explore. Great questions can uncover your possibilities and the resources you require to achieve those results you desire.

Your goals have to be clarified and designed so you are not blindly walking down a lane to no where and you are on a journey where it is possible to reach your destination one step at a time.



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