How to deal with a break-up

Dealing with a break up is one of the hardest times anyone can experience.

When a relationship ends you can be left feeling empty like someone ripped out your heart, you feel emotionally drained, your world is upside down, everything looks and feels different. All you want is the pain to go away.

  • Did you break up, you know it’s over, but the pain won’t go away?
  • Did you break up, but you still want the relationship to work?
  • Did you break up, but you’re not sure if this is what you want or not?
  • Are you dealing with a bad break up and are struggling to cope?
  • Maybe you want to stop a break up that you know is coming.

If you have experienced a break up, you may find yourself running your relationship over and over in your mind. It’s normal to run repeated memories of all the great times you had, but all this does is focus you on more pain and what you have lost.

Even if the relationship had lots of problems these can be ignored as the focus can easily slip back into all the good things you feel you have lost.

Counselling with Stephen Hedger will help you to cope with your break up through learning how to refocus your thoughts and perspective to reduce the pain you are feeling and shorten the time to your recovery.

Depending on your situation together you will create a plan with Stephen to achieve a great result.

He will then help you to go on a journey of self discovery where you can learn how to become passionate about yourself and your life again, maybe it’s time to reinvent you.

You will discover how to make choices that support the future you want and how to avoid the ones that can take you off track.

Relationship Counselling and dealing with a breaking up with Stephen Hedger is a refreshing and motivational experience designed to help you achieve the most out of your life today and craft a future to bring you security and happiness.
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