How to never be offended ever again

To be offended by what others say something within you has to happen first.

1. You have to respect the person and their opinion

2. You have to put importance on the judgement of others even though you have no idea by what standard you are being judged or how they are qualified to assess you.

3. You will have to accept their opinion and agree that on some level they are right even if consciously you think they are not.

4. You will then reject your own agreement with what they say and this will make you angry cross or upset.

5. You will then blame them for how upset they made you feel.

6. The truth is it’s you that makes you upset.

By giving away your personal power to others you are at their mercy and they know it. Why allow others to be your judge.

Take control of your emotions today and watch your confidence and self-esteem grow.



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