How To Reignite Your Relationship

Discover and create a compelling reason for being together and you will reignite your passion for life and each other.

A relationship is two individuals with their own personal goals agreeing to be together to achieve common goals for both.

If this is true what are your relationship goals? Do you know? Is it important that you know your partners relationships goals?

An assumption could be, that your purpose of being together is that your journey through life together is more valuable to you both than if you lived your lives separately.

Now discover specifically what that means to you both?

One of the reason relationships suffer so much is due to a lack of attention and direction. The relationship becomes stale because one or both people in the relationship stop creating a reason to be together.

The relationship needs exciting goals that both people can share and are happy to strive towards.

Your relationship in the begining

Many relationships start off successfully because a series of small goals are met.

  • Goal 1. To have a second date
  • Goal 2. To create a good impression
  • Goal 3. Weekends away
  • Etc….

These types of goals you both created in your relationship helped you both to feel great. They created exciting memories that started the foundations of a fun secure relationship.

In time you may have decided to marry or move in together these are more goals set and achieved.

So what’s next?

Where are you both heading? Children could be the direction or maybe this is the direction you took.

Now what?

Do you just get on with life? If so what does that mean?

Many couples stop creating mutual goals and drift back into their work lives, friends, hobbies and before you know if the lack of attention the relationship has received has created a problem.

If your relationship is struggling then.



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