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Stephen Hedger International Life Skill Coach - Harley Street London

Had enough of feeling stuck? Is NOW the time to
breakthrough your life blocks and create the freedom you deserve?

Stephens Clients say:
"I could not make it through this time without Stephen’s advice."
"Once again – knows where im coming from and where i want to go , brilliant!"
"Excellent advice! Solution oriented…"


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Initially individuals feel that something in their life feels wrong!

  • Some have been on a quest to achieve their goals, but still don't feel happy
  • Some have no idea what will make them happy so just feel stuck.
  • Some believe they know what will make them happy, but are too fearful to go for it.
  • Some believe they are too fat, too thin, too old, not good enough, not lucky enough, smart enough. Some believe great things only happen to other people, some feel guilt, some feel fear.

So where is the block in your life?

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Family
  • Spiritual
  • Maybe it's none of those and you have a specific goal in mind

Our Solution: A Powerful Life Skills Coaching Program
with change consultant and life coach Stephen Hedger

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1. Help the individual to define and become laser focused on their primary goal and define powerful simple steps to achieve it.

2. Help the individual understand the blocks to achieving their core goals in ways that are solvable. Usually individuals get stuck in the repetitive and destructive patterns that make their problems unsolvable.

3. Help the individual discover their true identity

4. Help the individual understand how and why they needs structure has brought them to where they are today.

5. You will learn the why your value system and rules you have in place are holding you back.

6. In essence you will learn the core skills that will help you to feel free and confident to breaking through past problems and claiming the life that equals fulfilment top you.


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Clients who come to me for relationship help...

GP's, Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Judges, Investment Bankers, CEO's, Actors, Singers, Models, Film Makers, Professionals, House Wives, Stock Market Traders.

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Typical help they require is...

Whenever a persons life doesn't match their expectations of how it should be they will feel pain. From relationships to career from wealth to health. Marriage in crisis - Break up support - Divorce support - Getting partner back - Communication breakdown - Affairs - Arguments - Loss of passion - Depression - Stress - Anxiety - Loss of trust - Lack of Self Esteem - Stress - Work Life Balance - Money - controlling partners and Family problems to name a few.


My Clients say…

From Suicide to Breaking-through and now becoming a life coach herself

After her partner left her she thought her life was over...

So where am I now. I have gained a confidence and belief in myself I’d have never thought possible.   A knowledge of me and what makes me buzz and what I need in life to make me happy and feel alive.  I now know, not only that I can and have to be my own best friend but I can also be my own coach!  I can help me out of my own moments of despair!

So now I guess I’m probably fairly close to ‘going it alone’.  I still feel I would love to know more. Stephen is now gently, kindly  - and firmly –  weaning me off my Coaching Sessions (I’m now going once a month!) and pushing me off on my own,  but I know he is still there for help and guidance should I need it!

I have Goals I need to throw my heart and soul into achieving.  And I believe I can.  I have the tools to do so.

And if what I’ve written here inspires someone else in trouble to seek, get and learn what I’ve learned then that will be a lovely bonus for me.


Chronic fatigue (ME) affecting my life i needed help!

Stuart was totally lost, he suffered with multiple problems, from a very traumatic past that was totally out of his control. The result meant that not only was he emotionally disconnected with his true self.

My constant lack of energy and inner conflicts was having a devastating effect on my life but I could not understand why. After working with Stephen for just a short while my life is turning around and even my thyroid seems to be repairing itself now; my dosage is constantly dropping and I believe soon I no longer need any of the medication. I was expected to be on this medication for life !! I am now mentally clearer and my energy levels have noticeably picked up. The effects on me from seeing Stephen will be and are changing my life. I can only thank Stephen for what he has done. There is now hope for my future.

Stuart London

She had lost confidence and trust in herself to create a future...

Stephen has been a very patient and supportive coach, guiding me through some difficult ‘blocks’ and restoring my self esteem and confidence. Through his sessions I have learnt how to nurture my internal power and use it positively to develop my self awareness and strength.

Jane, Oxford


Getting the most out of your life is easy once you know the simple steps.

...so please don’t ignore your life problems. They won’t go away and all that happens is they get bigger and more difficult to correct the more time passes you by.


One-on-one session with Stephen Hedger you'll have access to…

Powerful life building tools designed to keep you focus on the outcomes you desire most.

Confidence & Trust building tools in you own ability to rediscover you.

Communication tools

Tools that will give you access to how you work and why you do what you do.


Why did I create this Life Coaching Program?…

This life coaching/Life Skills Building Program was created on the back of my own personal experiences and personal pain of making mistakes growing up.

  • I knew that individuals wanted fast results and for their problems to go away
  • I knew that individuals wanted help advice and guidance

Through understanding first hand the pain problems can cause, I knew that my life purpose was to help individuals and couples of all ages discover how to build a relationship with themselves and each other that not only lasts but remain passionate too.

This program is designed to create a the simple steps to creating a successful life no matter what circumstances are presented. My hope is to share my knowledge and experiences with you.


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