One-on-one Life Coaching Service

Are you looking for a Life Coach to help you? We offer One-on-one sessions to clients with a full range of life desires.

Our goal is to facilitate the changes our clients desire and provide them with all the necessary support to ensure they have all the tools needed for lasting change.

We do this through understanding how the client(s) experiences the world through their beliefs systems. This helps us to understand how the problems have been created and what treatment is required to achieve results.

Who might come for life coaching with us?

We deal with people from all walks of life, from judges to stock market traders, from company executives to house wives.

From time-to-time, we all require help with our lives because slowly pressure can build up as the work life balance becomes ever more demanding on our time. It’s this ongoing pressure that will affect our emotional health and that affects our quality of life.

What sort of problems can we help you with?

In essence we help people discover how to change whatever they want, so they are free to create happier lives and relationships.

  • Life events (Divorce, relationship problems or redundancy)
  • Unhelpful Behaviours (avoiding situations or over-eating)
  • Negative emotional states (like depression, stress or guilt)
  • Thinking distortions (only able to see the negative in any situation)
  • Physical symptoms (palpitations or lack of energy)

All of these problems create emotions within us that then create unwanted behaviours, feelings and thoughts. This can leave us feeling out of control of our lives and can be destructive if left to grow.

Our private therapy sessions

For the sessions to be effective we ask our clients to equal our 100% commitment to creating the desired change.

Whilst accellerated deep change work will take place in the sessions, we do ask all our clients to commit to the homework designed to maintain a change that is lasting. This is because unwanted patterns of behaviour are learnt and would have been practised over many years. The clients has to learn a new way of thinking to create a new empowering patterns designed to create happier emotions and life experiences.

Sessions are usually 55 minutes in lengh and are held weekly. Your sessions will be tailored to your needs and will follow an agreed treatment plan. Your plan will be something like this:-

  • Assessment
  • Define the goals for the therapy sessions
  • Agree amount of sessions required
  • Achieve defined goals
  • Plan for return of problem
  • Agree ongoing support
  • For private indiviuals we offer one-on-one coaching & therapy in Haddenham & Aylesbury Buckinghamshire & Harley Street London. Private individuals also have full access to additional services such as telephone and email coaching.