Professional Divorce Support

If your relationship has been in trouble it’s very likely that separation and divorce is either in progress or has been discussed.

Many couples end up using solicitors and Lawyers for emotional support in addition to negotiating a settlement and managing the necessary legal process. Solicitors and divorce lawyers charge a premium for their time and any conversation can be charged at their going rates, even emotional one’s.

Stephen Hedger offers couples either together or individually support to make whatever decisions you make as smooth and painless as possible. To help you get the professional emotional support you need a lower cost alternative to compliment your legal advice.

You could be in the following situations:

  • Option One: You are unhappy in your relationship you think that divorce or separation maybe the answer to your problems, but you are not 100% sure.
    If you would like to hear a professional perspective on what could have caused your relationship problems so you are armed to know if a divorce or relationship help is the best route for you.
  • Option Two: You know that divorce is the best route for you, but you are scared of what may happen and need to be in calm and in control and confident to get the best outcome for you and your family.
  • Option Three: Maybe you don’t want a divorce or a separation, but your partner does and you would like help in getting through these tough times.

Whatever your situation professional help is on hand to help you through every stage.

Divorce advice

My advice for anyone looking to divorce and especially if there is children involved be 100% sure that you are splitting up for all the right reasons.

In my experience most couples part with no real knowledge of what went wrong and why. All they know is the relationship that was once great, now makes them feel awful.

If you are considering divorce find out what has caused your problems before you decide to take this action.

Common Divorce Mistakes

If the couple have been trying to fix their relationship it’s very likely that they have been focused on a presenting problem and have missed the underlying real issue. By focusing on the wrong problem the couple will now become more frustrated and angry, their fears for the future will be on high alert and a divorce is a way to protect themselves from future hurt.

Many people go through this process and when they re-marry they discover the same or similar problems being presented all over again.

Avoid this at all costs and get to the bottom of your problems before an expensive costly mistake is made and children are hurt by a confusion.

Remember: Divorces are expensive, emotional draining, painful and destructive for children.

This Divorce support is available to you in London W1 and throughout the Thames Valley Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire.

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