Appointments with Stephen Hedger

10-harley-streetAll clients visit Stephen for an initial consultation. The consultation is designed to establish your specific challenge and learn the outcome you desire.

In this initial consultation Stephen will be assessing the fastest and most secure route to achieving your goal so it lasts.

In your consultation Stephen will communicate the strategic roadmap needed to help you become successful this will include the amount of sessions needed to solve the problem you face. This can be designed to fit your specific circumstances. Stephen works with clients from all around the world.

Please note: Some couples have perceptually large problems they can’t solve that really only requires one session to solve. If Stephen believes your challenge can be solved in that consultation he will work quickly with you towards that goal. 

cloe-hedger-mainTo book your consultation in Harley Street with
Stephen Hedger please call 
Cloé (Stephens wife) and she
will help you.

Stephen’s comprehensive
consultation is £750 inc VAT
Please c
all now to book on 0845 519 4808