Channel 4: Relationships & Love

Dear Readers of

I’m an Assistant Producer working at The Garden Productions, an independent award-winning documentary  production company founded last year by the team who made the BAFTA award-winning series One Born Every Minute for Channel 4 and more recently, 24 Hours in A&E on Channel 4.

Trying to make your relationship work again after difficulties

We are now making a landmark 7  part observational documentary series for Channel 4 about love and relationships. This intelligent, insightful and sensitive series will reflect relationships throughout a lifetime  from first kiss to final farewell and everything else in between. Across the generations, we will explore what it really means to be in love. We want the film to be hopeful, inspiring and celebratory of love in all it’s forms.

One of the films will  focus on couples who have been in long term relationships and who have experienced a problem of some kind. We would like to speak to couples who, despite their difficulty, are trying to work things out and resolve their difficulties. The emphasis of the film will be about the positives of working things through as a couple but also looking at the complexities and difficulties of relationships.  We would also very much like to capture the positive benefits of perhaps, couple therapy etc.

I would like to add that we are simply interested in speaking to couples informally, for research purposes and there is absolutely no obligation to take part in the documentary at this stage.

Many thanks for your help – it is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Charlotte Rodrigues
Assistant Producer

The Garden Productions

If you are interested please contact Charlotte by calling her on 020 3465 9066 or emailing her at