Have You Lost Sight of Your Future?

Many people experience problems such as stress, depression, constant relationship challenges and over time stop seeing a future for themselves and can no longer see a future with their partner.

This lack of vision is created by years of feeling stuck and unhappy. They go through a process of having to change who they are to cope with their relationship problems and their partners behaviours. Some feel they have detached from their true self not liking  who they have become.

This process of constant problems is actually changing them, because they are entering into a state of fear that their life is not going to be safe if their partner continues to behave this way in their relationship. [Read more...]

Overcoming Fears in Relationships & Life

Fears can play a big part in causing problems in our relationships and life.

In essence fears come as a result of the person feeling they are out of control. The feelings of fear is the mind and body working together to tell us something is wrong and we might be in danger. So overcoming those fears is critical so I’m going to share how…

The fears we have in relationships and life are not the same as the fear of let’s say… a snake in the room! Emotional fears are less rational, but still feel very real and very powerful.

When we get the feeling of fear this is an important message and our mind and body wants us to do something specific, but most people miss the real message and so their fears get worse.

What it wants us to do is change what we are doing, because by focusing on the fear we are making the fear worse. In essence the fear becomes the persons’ goal because it becomes their focus. [Read more...]

FEARS: The Single Most Destructive Element In Relationships.

Fears change people, fears help people behave in ways that contradict how they would behave if the fear was not present. In fact fears help people act in ways which are the total opposite of who they really are at core. A kind loving gentle person can act the total opposite when a fear gets triggered.

It’s like they have totally changed, almost like they are not the same person.

When couples are going through relationship problems what they both experience is the fear version of their partner at play. It can feel like their partner has totally changed from the person you know and love. If the fear happening to you and is strong enough, it can feel like you feel different, almost disconnected in some way. [Read more...]