Enough is Enough!

Could today be the day when you say, Enough Is Enough! That day happened to me. I was sat in a marketing  job, bored of trying to help companies sell stuff to people who were really not interested in buying them.

As I day dreamed of a different life, my thoughts usually went to those people who really make a difference in society people like firefighters, nurses, surgeons, soldiers and police officers. For me they are wonderful they really do make an amazing difference and most are so under appreciated. [Read more...]

Who Are You? What is Your Life Purpose?

Do you know? Unless you know who you are, how will you create a “Life Purpose”? Do you know what your life purpose is? Does this suddenly feel important for you to know?

For most when this question is considered they can start to feel uneasy as they start to realise that the days are flicking by faster and faster. They will notice that they have no real direction and the days just happen to them, so they live in reaction to what the world throws at them.

Life is happening all around them, they are part of it, but they are not in control of a direction that has a meaning defined by them – in essence they are out of control.

Most people like to use label to define themselves, I.E. I’m a Doctor, or a Banker, or a House Wife. These are great, but do those labels really define who they are and is that their life purpose? [Read more...]

What Is Your Life Purpose?

Putting some meaning to the reason you are on this planet may or may not be important to you. Although in my experience when I have asked clients the emotional response I consistently receive is usually very telling.

If it is important to you then I hope this may help a little.

For me personally I have made it my life mission to help others create the best possible relationships with themselves and their partners. Leading the way for a decline in broken families.

It was not always this way for me!

I remember in my early career days of marketing (yes I started in marketing) feeling unable to connect honestly with the daily prospect of enticing people to buy what they didn’t really need. My thoughts went consistently out to those who saved lives, the armed forces, nurses, firemen, policemen to name a few. My life in comparison at that stage felt meaningless. [Read more...]