Relationship Madness

He said “I never tell her I love her, she just knows it doesn’t she? After all I married her didn’t I!” His parents divorced when he was 14 and his relationship is heading the same way. Because to him this behaviour is normal he hasn’t made the connection to why his relationship is dying!

On the whole people learn their relationship skills from their teachers who are usually just as lost as they are today: Their parents!

I have put together a list of some of the behaviours I see and hear that are likely to cause problems.

    1. Couples tell me that love is important all the time, yet when challenged their love is clearly conditional. “I won’t give love unless…they do, or I feel safe, or I feel important, or I feel respected… the list goes on!”
    2. If I give to my partner, what will I get in return? If anyone gives to get, they are trading for what they want and this is guaranteed to kill their sex life dead! [Read more...]