Masterclass series Part 6: What you don’t know will hurt you…

One of the hardest lessons our life brings us, is the lessons we didn’t know we had to learn until it’s too late. When those lessons land they can affects our lives and those we love forever.

Intimate relationships is one of those areas of life that has the habit of bringing horribly hard lessons that can seem so difficult to understand and impossible to second guess.

Far too many couples are totally unaware of the types of behaviours they are using every day that are leading them into serious problems. Sadly when their problems start to land they simply don’t have the skills, or understanding to deal with those problems successfully. [Read more...]

Masterclass series Part 5: What all couples have to avoid at all costs

What I’m going to share today is critical to understand because if this ever hits your relationship there is no question you will have a sizeable battle on your hands.

No one believes this will happen to them and yet it is one of the most common situations I see.

This critical point is a tipping point where one person says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This is the person giving up their own battle in the relationship and disconnecting in a quest to relieve themselves from the pain of being in a relationship that always feels wrong.

The problem is the person may not share this information until they are ready to leave and they could have been planning their escape. [Read more...]

Masterclass series Part 4: How to create great communication skills that will connect you with your partner for life

Communication is one of the most critical keys if you want a successful relationship for life. It opens the pathway for  couples to feel they are a team working together towards a future that makes sense to both of them.

So what are the pitfalls that so many couples fall into?

The challenge I see with all couples in crisis is they struggle to really hear what the other person is really saying.

The result is they hear what they think their partner is saying rather than the real intention behind the persons words.

Both men and women suffer with this problem and it has the power to shut relationships down. [Read more...]

Masterclass series Part 3: How to keep your sexual energy alive

A couple who are not sexually connected are basically friends or roommates and for many they are not even that. I hear so many couples share how they have been sexually disconnected for 10+ years. It’s shocking to hear and so important to get right.

This Masterclass Series is all about helping couples avoid getting into these situations, however if you are in crisis this information is going to be valuable to you too. As you read through this post you’ll start to see what builds to make sexual connection so much easier.

So imagine this, a couple who tell me they are in crisis enter my session. They tell me they have spent six weeks with a sex therapist and the result is the relationship is now much worse than when they started. They are now discussing splitting-up.

I asked them why did they feel that a sex therapist was the right route for them?

They explained that the relationship had been dead sexually for 2 years and [Read more...]

Masterclass series Part 2: How to create a safe connected passionate relationship

It seems for so many this ideal is reserved for the “happy ever after films” and those “lucky couples” and the harsh reality is nature never really designed us to live alone together in a box called a home.

Why do so many couples seem to get it so wrong and why do others seem to have it all?

From my perspective please don’t be swayed by how good you think other couples relationships are. It seems that many couples are very good at publicly putting on a united front, but the reality is very different behind closed doors, I know they tell me.

The starting point is if a couple communicates their relationship is not how it should be, please know that it’s more likely because the couple don’t have the core skills and tools to build the relationship they want rather than the relationship is wrong. [Read more...]

Masterclass series Part 1: Why has our relationship lost it’s passion?

With passion, attraction and sexual energy being the life blood of any intimate relationship it’s critical that a couple understands how to keep this side of their relationship alive whilst knowing the hidden pitfalls that can kill it dead.

Many people, men and women complain their relationship has become passionless or loveless. They are experiencing either the passion dying over time, or one person has simply lost attraction for their partner.

This loss of passion and attraction is likely to be happening for a very good reason, but the couple will usually be unaware of what’s happening before it’s too late. [Read more...]