The Simple Formula For Relationship Success That Anyone Can Do!

This formula is so simple everyone can do it. In fact if you started a successful relationship even if today it’s not so good, whatever you and your partner once did worked.

If your relationship has problems then it’s what you practiced since things were good is what’s caused your problems.

Relationships can seem very complicated especially when they are going wrong, couples get bogged down in stuff that really isn’t important, but to them it feels critical.

The basics

If you go back to the basics of when you first meet someone, what you are looking out for is, how you feel about YOU when you are with this potential partner. [Read more...]

Should relationships just work? Is the fact they are not a sign of incompatibility?

Many people believe that relationships should just work naturally. The reality is to create a relationship that lasts and stays passionate takes real skill. Skills that most people are not aware they need.

  • It’s the being unaware that “skills are needed” is what causes real problems.

You see it’s not until couples spend enough time getting things wrong and they both get to the place where they feel they might have to separate because they are so unhappy is the point when they wake up to their reality.

You see relationships don’t fail over night, it takes constant effort (the wrong effort) to be successful at destroying your relationship. [Read more...]

Meeting a Mans Basic Needs

Yesterday we looked at how men can meet a womans basic needs, today we are going to discover how a woman can meet a man needs in a relationship.

I must stress that everyone is different and this is just a start, but on the whole if you can make a start in this direction you will be making good progress.

Meeting a Mans Basic Needs

  • A man needs to know her love for him is unconditional, he needs to know that he is loved whatever mood he is in. The love you give him needs to be like the love of a child, so that even if he has done something wrong he still feels that love from her.
  • Men love to be surprised in the ways you show your love and especially if you do this sexually. If a man knows you are planning a sexual adventure for him and you feel free enough with him to show your darker side he will feel great inside and attach that great feeling to you. (… I saw the humor too :-) ).
  • He needs to feel he is important as a man in the relationship. Discover ways to help him feel that his masculine presence is important to you in the relationship. Let him know that he does good job as a partner, provider, father he needs to know he is pleasing you. (CRITICAL)
  • Discover what he needs that equals love to him, and then give that love. It could be your smiling face, a regular touch especially in public, it could be making his favorite meal, or of course planning sex.
  • If she then commits to meeting all his needs above whilst showing a desire to give more to him and working with him towards their chosen goal.
  • If she like him commits to meeting his needs in the way that feel important to him without trading for something in return and both people are doing this. A trusting passionate relationship starts to grow.

You see if you can trust your partner to give you want you need in the way you want it, you would never have a need to go elsewhere to feel good again.

If you feel that you cannot, or don’t want to give to him in the way he needs, the question is why? Of course I will be delighted to help.

If you feel like commenting your thoughts would be valued. Comments below!

How To Meet Your Partners Needs

Yesterday we spoke about the “Number 1 reason why couples break up?” and what has to happen for the relationship to be successful again. The answer was to meet your partners needs!

Now I know many of you will have a belief that you have done all you can to meet your partners needs and he or she is impossible to please. The challenge everyone faces is that what you think their needs might be could be totally different from what they actually need.

So it’s not difficult to understand that unless you find out what you partner really needs your chances of failure are high.

Now every one is different, and I am going to put a guide to help you understand what is most likely to work.

When you read through this list I want you to notice your reaction to yourself. You may either not want to do this, or feel it is impossible because, maybe your partner has behaved so badly.

Just notice what you notice about you.

Meeting a Womans Basic Needs

  • A woman needs a man to be there for her emotionally and especially when she becomes upset. She needs love and understanding through any pain she feels inside. She can communicate her pain through criticism, swearing, putting him down. If a man can weather these times by listening, giving her love and his presence she will start to see a future that can be secure with him.
  • Find out what she loves from the big stuff down to the small stuff. If a man puts regular effort into keeping the relationship alive and exciting in the way she likes she will attach great feelings to him.
  • What actions or words, does she need to feel important? Every week he can discover how to make her know she is the most important person in the world to him.
  • She wants to be loved by her man and his mission is to discover what it is that helps her feel that love. Looking deep into her eyes with love in your heart for her will be a great start. She will need more, find out what that more is for her, she is unique and how she connects with it will be unique to her. Could be anything from a loving nickname to a smile.
  • She has a vision for her future, find out what it is create goals you can both get excited about and commit to helping her becoming the woman she wants to be in the life she wants to live.
  • Become selfless and give to her, but do it with no expectation of getting anything back. Give to her because you love her and want the best for her, don’t trade with her because, she will feel your needs are more important than hers.
  • If she feels his needs are more important than hers to him, she will feel unsafe in the relationship with him and problems will be on the horizon.

So the question now is this? Is this possible for you to give all the above to her? If it isn’t is now the time to understand why? Of course I’m always here to help those of you that want to learn more.

Tomorrow I will share with you a Mans Basic Needs.

As always please feel free to comment below.

Number 1 Reason For Relationship Break-up…

If you want to ensure you keep your relationship alive, this is important to know. 100% of couples that come to me share this problem and many of them believe that their only option is to split-up, or divorce.

I totally agree that not all couples are designed to be together, but I also know, because I see it everyday that many relationships can be saved once they know how to do this one critical thing.

  • In fact some couples discover they only need one session with me, once they understand the most obvious reason why they are both in trouble with each other.

Before I share this I want you to cast your mind back to when you first met and what lead you to decide that your partner was right for you. You see this one critical thing was present when you first met each other. What happens with most couples is not their fault,  because they don’t know what is really working and so they stop doing it as time passes, and life takes over. Work pressure, money, children, friends, parents, hobbies everything starts to take over and the relationship takes a back seat.

So what you both did that worked has now stopped dead. The relationship stopped growing months, or even years before and even though you noticed a shift, it didn’t worry you until you started to feel that something was very wrong.

Some people have physical symptoms that join in to make the worry seem worse, churning stomach, numbness, empty feeling, face hurting, neck hurting, back problems etc…

For those that experience these types of feelings your body is giving you a clear message to make a change in your life, because it is picking up that you may not be safe where you are.

At this point most people go to destruction of the relationship as they assume that is the change that’s needed.

What’s needed and what most couple stop doing is this critical but simple action: They stopped meeting each others NEEDS.

  • This is the N0.1 reasons why couples break-up!

If your partner feels that you no longer want to meet their needs in the way they want them met, it does not take long for the relationship to grind to a halt. This is dangerous because when couples enter this place, they will through fear start to trade for what they need. This builds resentment and can result in a loss of passion. Loss of passion then leads to lack of respect, and the end is never far away at this point.

You might read that loss of passion/sexual intimacy is the top reason why couples split. Whilst that ended up being the focus of the problem this is not the core issue.

Loss of intimacy in a relationship is just one of the many symptoms that couples experience when their needs are not met. Arguments, power struggles, jealousy, affairs,  porn, gambling, holding love back, punishing, controlling, controlling mothers and fathers, the list is endless.

It really boils down to this one key area: NEEDS: If your partners needs are not met they will have to get them met elsewhere. Needs are not nice to haves they are critical.

  • My advice find out fast and if you need help please don’t hesitate to call me.