He stood tears rolling down his face…

Smiling through his tears, at last he could see there was hope for the future for him and his wife, he felt lighter, free and he could feel within him confidence for his future start to fill his body.

Four hours earlier he thought he understood how his life worked and why it was going wrong. He was shocked to discover he was totally in the dark and happiness for him and his wife was a totally random event.

He discovered there was a way he could be a man in his relationship and in his life. He now knew what he had to do to love and protect all those he cared for, plus he could do all this without fear. [Read more...]

Improve Self Confidence – Steps To Self Confidence

I have “no confidence in myself”, “lack of confidence is holding back my life” “if only I could develop a supreme self confidence in myself then I would be free”.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you are suffering from a lack of confidence in some or all areas of your life, Would you like to improve self confidence in you?

Improving self confidence

What’s interesting about confidence is people can find themselves really confident in certain situations, but very unconfident in others.

For example: I might be working with a successful senior executive commanding 1000’s of people in a high stress environment, but he has no confidence in his ability in personal relationships.

Or I maybe working with a performer who is oozing confidence on stage, but at home is like a mouse pushed around, and runs around pleasing everyone except themselves.

I have some clients create very small worlds they know their job, they have few friends and never step out of their comfort zones. They do this to keep safe, but this actually creates a self-imposed prison in this place their lack of confidence becomes self-fulfilling.

Improving self-confidence is about a combination of factors, what we are really after is the confidence to be able to be who we want to be in any situation.

Our confidence really sits in our ability to be comfortable with the unexpected to stay true to who we are and be comfortable we know how to deal with whatever happens.

For example: If you were public speaking and you knew your subject inside out and you knew that no matter what was thrown at you during your speech you would be able to answer. Your confidence would be much higher.

Same with relationships, if you knew that no matter what happened you could always put it right then again your confidence would be significantly higher.

How to get confidence in yourself – Be a resource for yourself

If you want to get confidence in yourself become an expert in your chosen direction(s).

You could be

  • An expert mum
  • An expert public speaker
  • An expert in building loving relationships
  • An expert in socialising

If it’s important to your life, find out how you can be the best you can be in that area.

How to improve your self image

A big part of your confidence building strategy is understanding how you see you. How you see yourself is critical in the process of your confidence in you.

If you believe you are not confident in certain areas of life, what happens is when you find yourself in a situation that is uncomfortable your internal thoughts are automatically fired up. This is the start of a fear response which feels very uncomfortable.

Blushing, shaking, knotted stomach, tense shoulders, heavy heart, feeling of wanting to run, or escape all typical symptoms of poor self image and a lack of confidence in that situation.

You see if anyone thinks that they will be harmed in a situation they will always move away from it.

Improving self confidence step-by-step

If you want to improve your confidence in you then you have to understand the factors that will create it.

  1. Set your goals – what do you want and why do you want it!
  2. Understand your blocks and why you have them
  3. Break through your blocks
  4. Don’t be swayed by the judgment of others
  5. Become an expert
  6. Stay focused on your outcome

Build Confidence in yourself

What you will notice about really confident people is they are never internally focused, in other words they are never focused on themselves. They trust themselves to react in ways which serve them and are not worried about what others think about them, because they know they can’t control the thoughts and actions of other.

The biggest confidence boosters used by those at the top is the ability to stay focused externally and on their goal, in other words where they are going.

Confidence Coaching:  with Stephen Hedger

Self Confidence Training is a step-by-step process to help you become who you were designed to be, minus the fears. So what do you want to be more confident in?

  • Relationship(s)?
  • Public speaking?
  • Business – Career?
  • Social situations?
  • All areas of life?
  • Whatever it is for you i can help

You will learn –

  • Confidence building techniques to build a foundation of trust and security within you
  • How to build up confidence where ever you feel you need it
  • How to gain self confidence to free yourself from your blocks/fears faster
  • Develop self confidence in all areas of your life
  • Increase confidence as and when you need it

If you are interested in working with me to gain confidence in your future please get in touch.