Pre Marriage Coaching in Harley Street London

This Pre-marriage course is unique because it will be designed around you and your partners specific needs.

Every couple is different, they have different pasts, beliefs, visions and so these need to be respected and understood This course has been created for just you and your partner in a private Harley Street Address.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a group experience

The Pre-Marital Course Structure

Step-by-step you will guided together through the course designed specifically to help you build a lasting passionate relationship together.

Initial Consultation: Defining Global Goals

  • Define your specific goals and how to know when you have achieved them. I.E. Children, money, religion, home(s), basically a vision of your dream future in detail.
  • Discover if there are past problems that could affect the relationship in the future. These could be problems from childhood, past relationships, traumatic events, medical conditions.
  • Discover potential external factors that could negatively influence the relationship. Concerns about career, parents, religion
  • Outline concerns fears worries. A time for honesty the more we know the faster we can help you both get to a secure place.

Step one: You will both be helped to understand the world from
each others perspectives.

Step two: You will learn about each others critical needs and specifically
what drives them to feel happy

Step three: You will learn the key steps to building trust and respect when
it's most critical

Step Four: You will discover from a place of security how to reclaim the
playful passion.

Step Five: You will both learn to have the courage to be honest about your
needs and feelings

Step Six: You will discover how to become one again and grow an exciting future.

Step Seven: You will learn how to keep you safe and how to use that awareness
to look after the relationship and each other.

Additional skills and understanding from the sessions

Planning for a successful future

Building a confident relationship with yourself

The differences between the sexes

How to maintain strong sexual bond through the years

Learn what drives your partner

Discover you and your partners core values for life!

Learn about your partners history and how it has influenced them.

Learn about your partners coping patterns when under pressure.


"We went to Stephen for pre-marital coaching..."

Vic and Ali Godding – Married on Friday 22nd July 2011

The instigating factor were family challenges that we knew might have a negative impact on our relationship if we didn't learn how to deal with them effectively.

We learned how to better manage that situation and were able to get married confident in our skills to deal with the inevitable issues life throws your way. But we also got so much more than that. We learned all about our values, the different versions of ourselves that present themselves in a variety of situations, we learned how to really listen to each other, and create a joint vision of what we want our married life to be all about.

We learned how to jointly decide what to do when several options present themselves and so much more. Stephen's approach is warm and humorous whilst challenging you to be your best self.

I highly recommend working with Stephen for pre-marital coaching to any couple who are serious about not becoming one of the 1/4 who later divorce. It won't protect you from the challenges of life but will arm you with powerful tools, ways of thinking and behaviours that will help you navigate your way through life together.

How long are the sessions

60-90 minutes is the session length. Couples can choose how they want the session to be communicated. Some like a slow once per month leading up to their marriage other prefer saturation of weekly meetings.

Once your specific needs are understood then your course will be created.


To make an appointment please call: 0845 519 4808

Session: Pre Marriage Coaching

Location: Harley Street London

Private Couples Sessions: 8 Meetings

Open: 11.30am - 9.00pm Monday - Thursday

For Appointments: Call 0845 519 4808


The Perfect Wedding Gift

What better gift to give, security of knowing how to keep their relationship alive passionate a safe together for life.

Would you like to give Pre Marriage Coaching as a wedding gift?

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