Couples In Crisis

"Many couples in crisis believe there is little hope for their relationship, but feel stuck because splitting up feels wrong too!"

This is a horrible place for couples to be in where the future looks so uncertain. Couples usually get to this point of breakdown due to a complex combination of factors.

Loss of trust is usually high on the couples list combined with, arguments, loss of respect, lack of communication and each others needs being ignored.

Typical reasons could be…

Affairs · Depression · Arguments · Money Problems · Communication Breakdown · Boredom · Loss of passion · Lack of Trust · Jealously · Being ignored


The Relationship Building Program


Session one: Step One – How did we get here?

One of the biggest steps to helping couples improve their relationship is to help them understand how their joint behaviours have brought them to place they are in today.

With little to no historic relationship education it is very easy for couples to damage their relationship without knowing.

We will help you to understand the following topics:-

Why the problems you face today are not your real problems.
This is why you’re struggling to fix them on your own and frustrated with each other, going round in circles.

Understanding your journey from love to destruction
We will look at your relationship on a time line to understand the meaning behind key events from when you met through to today.

The sexes are totally different - critical to understand
You will both learn the massive differences between men and women and how this causes problems through confusion.

Why your past has affected you and will affect your future
How your pasts and childhood experiences will affect you both and your relationship today!

Is the way you managing conflict destroying your relationship
How couples manage conflict is key to the success of any relationship one way will grow the relationship one way will kill it!

You'll discover the core rolls for men and women in relationships
Not understanding this is one of the major reason for the loss of passion

This greater understanding builds confidence

The goal is to help the couples create a far greater understanding of their relationship and their part in where they are today.This new knowledge builds confidence and reduces their fears. As they can both see how they can become successful again.

Once the couple are here and are ready to explore their possibilities, then we can work on rebuilding the trust again


Session one: Step 2 – Rebuilding Trust back into the relationship

Once you both have understood your relationship’s history. Now the couple are in a far better place to rebuild the trust.

For the trust to be rebuilt some key things have to happen.

You will learn how to put your partner first and meet your needs at the same time

You will both learn which needs drive you both in the context of your relationship. You will be shown how you can meet both your needs and your partners needs at the point of crisis.

This understanding is critical for building lasting relationships.

It is easy to build a relationship when everything is going well. What we are looking for is how we can create growth at the point of conflict.

Couples that understand how to do this stand the very best chance of success

At this point the couple will have far more information to decide if understanding more or splitting up is the right route for them.

Not all couples are meant to be together and fixing relationships is not the primary goal. What we are after is a happy fulfilling life for the individuals.

If after this session the couple decide to make a go of it to understand more then great.

Once the trust has been rebuilt and only then can we move to the next stage.


Session two: Step Three Meeting each others needs

The next session would be to understand each other needs in more detail... Whenever couples experience problems the cause is always a needs issue!


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