Stale Relationships

"Has your relationship lost it's passion? Do you love your partner, but life together has just become predictable, stale and boring"

Most couples get to this place in their relationship at some point after the initial high couples go through. The couple usual love each other, but life has taken over. The passion they once felt has gone and with intimacy on the decline, feeling of resentment can start to build.

At this point the relationship is not likely to be meeting the couples needs. One or both people in the relationship are happy to meet each other needs but they want to know what they will get in return.

Typical reasons could be…

Lack of Communication · Arguments · Money Problems · Needs not being met · Lack of Security · Something Doesn't Feel Right · Selfish Behaviours · Lack of Appreciation · Lack of Energy.


The Relationship Building Program
for Stale Relationships


Building Passion: Step One – Why is this happening to us?

With little to no relationship education most couples end up in this place either doomed to live a passionless life or destined to break up.

For relationship to last and be passionate couples need to understand some fundamentals.

The fundamentals you will learn:-

How your joint actions have got you to where you are today
How these action without knowing have been destroying your relationship

How and why the sexes are totally different
You will both learn the massive differences between men and women and how this causes so many problems through confusion of meanings.

Why your past has affected you and will affect your future
How your pasts and childhood experiences will affect you both and your relationship today!

Is the way you managing conflict destroying your relationship
How couples manage conflict is key to the success of any relationship one way will grow the relationship one way will kill it!

You'll discover the core rolls for men and women in relationships
Not understanding this is one of the major reason for the loss of passion

This greater understanding builds confidence

The goal is to help the couples create a far greater understanding of their relationship and their part in where they are today. This new knowledge builds confidence and reduces their fears. As they can both see how they can become successful again.

Once the couple are here and are ready to explore their possibilities, then we can work on rebuilding the trust again


Building Passion: Step two – Rebuilding Trust & Security

Once you both have understood how this has happened to you. Now you will be in a far better place to rebuild the trust critical to lasting passion. Without trust, security and a vision for the future, passion in a long-term relationship is at risk.

You will learn the importance of...

Relationship Goals: Creating a shared vision for your future together.
Many couples have no plan for their future past having children

Relationship Conflict: Creating growth out of conflict.
Imagine the confidence you'll both feel if you know what to do when things go wrong.

Understand Needs: Your partner needs become yours:
A relationship is about giving what your partner really needs, not what you think they need.


Rebuilding Passion: Step Three Meeting each others core needs critical for passion

Unless you know how to meet your partner needs for a successful relationship your going to get into problems. Needs not being met are the number one reason why couples end up in divorce courts.

You will learn...

Understand My Needs:
How can your partner meet your needs if they don't know what they are?

Swop needs:
Honest sharing of what each other needs for the relationship to survive

Learn my partners needs:
If you're going to have an addiction have this one.

Put my partner first:
Contribute to the growth of the relationship together


Rebuilding Passion: Step Four Understanding Polarity

At this point with all the foundation above in place we can now talk about the most critical part of building passion in any relationship polarity

Without polarity there can be no passion. You see polarity is the masculine and feminine energies that drive their attraction to each other.

Couples can end up in a reverse polarity situation, where neither feels good and this causes the intimacy to slow down or stop.

I would say 80% of my clients have a polarity problem which if not understood can be a real worry for couples.

A taste of what's to come: Men learn a wonderful secret to what they did when dating, to create the perfect polarity in her to want him


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