**NEW** Stephen has now released his 8 Week Better Relationship Program - A great way to start 2015!


"Do you want a better relationship? Do you want to learn how to ignite your passion for each other whilst avoiding the hidden problems that lead many couples to severe problems without them knowing?"


With well over 50% of marriages ending in divorce and only a small percentage of the remaining 50% actually happy. This unique program is a must for those that really value their relationship...

This unique program is a tailor made program designed for you and your partner by Stephen Hedger relationship expert in his offices in Harley Street.

The goal of the program is to help you both gain a comprehensive knowledge of how to build a secure foundation together for life. A foundation that will enable a powerfully strong platform for the emotional connection to become deeper and more secure as the years pass.

What this means is the couple will start to understand how to have a connection that grows the relationships depth of connection through the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Who is this for

This program is for any couple that wants to ensure they are doing all they can to give their relationship the best possible chance of not just of surviving, but living a full and happy life together.

This is for you if…

  • You have been married for years and life together has become stale.
  • You love each other, but the sexual spark has gone.
  • You are about to get married and you want to ensure it lasts.
  • Maybe you keep experiencing some problems and you want putting back on the right track.
  • You may have started a new relationship and want to make sure you don’t repeat those old patterns.

What will you learn?

Every couple is different so specifically what you will learn in your program will be unique to you. However it’s likely that some of the following will form apart of your process.

You will discover

  • What it really takes to build successful relationships.
  • What always causes problems for all couples.
  • The unique differences between men and women, and specifically your differences.
  • How to understand what your partner really needs.
  • How to understand what you really need.
  • How to communicate so your partners hears what you really mean.
  • How to have conflict and grow closer.
  • How to create a dynamic that creates attraction - a must for sexual connection.
  • How to build a compelling future by becoming a team.

Plus You will both learn more about yourselves and how to get the best from "you" so, you have the energy to add significant value to your relationship.

About Stephen

Stephen Hedger is a specialist in helping couples out of crisis and is beautifully armed to second guess the kinds of problems couples could experience and guide them to a far safer place thus avoiding severe problems.

Couples in marriage crisis are currently spending £15,000 - £30,000 with Stephen to save their marriages from a costly (financially and emotionally) divorce.

Because there is little no education for building a successful relationship for life who better to share the critical steps needed to avoid obvious and not so obvious problems whilst building a passionate relationship for life.

How it works

Your program will consist of 8 sessions each session lasting 90 minutes. It will be held in Harley Street, London.

Once you have enrolled you will be given access to an online diary where you can book the slots you would like.

How to enrol into this program

If you wish to attend this program Cloe will arrange for you to have a call with Stephen so he can assess your situation to ensure this program is right for you.

Once accepted in you will be sent an invoice for £10,000 INC VAT.

Upon receiving your payment you will be sent profiling forms so Stephen can start to build your program for you.

To get started

Please fill out the form above and Cloe (Stephen's wonderful wife) will arrange your call with Stephen. Click Here