Marriage Breakthrough Program FAQ

10-harley-streetStephen offers his clients a premium solution based breakthrough program that is designed specifically for their challenge. Stephen knows that no two situations are the same so bespoke solutions are a must for every individual/couple. His programs are for 4, 6, 8 12+ weeks and available for both couples and individuals to attend.

This is a fee for a solution(s) service where a designed program is created to help the client(s) achieve their desired goal within a set number of meetings.  Please note: Stephen doesn’t charge for his time or provide individual sessions he only offers programs.

    • What is the purpose of this program?
      It’s designed to prevent a divorce if a divorce is ultimately the wrong decision for that couple. Too many couples divorce for the wrong reasons and regret it later. So helping couples get to their truth in the relationship is critical.
    • How does it work?
      All couples attend the initial consultation so Stephen can build a strategic roadmap to the clients chosen goals. They are then invited to attend Stephens Premium Marriage Breakthrough Program. Please note spaces are limited each month.
    • What kind of problems do you deal with?
      We deal with all relationship based problems plus many life challenges in and outside of the relationship. Some of these challenges can be stress, depression that is negatively affecting all areas of that person life.
    • Can I attend a program if my partner will not attend?
      Yes, of course, it is possible to solve many relationship problems with just one person in the session, because when you change the pattern of behaviour in one person the relationship pattern will also change.
    • Do you only work with wealthy clients?
      Most of my clients are not wealthy they are just passionate about their relationship and their families. They are looking for real-life advice that’s valuable and that works.
    • Do I have to attend weekly meetings?
      The frequency of your session can be discussed in the initial consultation.
    • How do your sessions differ from traditional counselling and therapies?
      The process is focused on the couples/individuals future goals, it’s a trackable process, the couple is given tools to deal with all situations. The biggest difference is in the consistent results. Many couples attend my session because traditional counselling and therapies did not work for them.
    • Do you focus on the past/childhood?
      In most cases, it’s not necessary to focus on the past or childhood to gain the result the couple desire.
    • Where are the sessions held?
      10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
    • How long is a program session?
      All sessions are for up to 1.5 hours.
    • How many sessions will I need?
      The Marriage Breakthrough Program requires you attend up to 12 meetings, however, there are many tailormade programs 4, 6, 8, 12, 20 meetings and year long.
    • Do we have to both attend sessions together?
      No. In some circumstances, it is appropriate for Stephen to see individuals on their own as part of the program.
    • What days are your sessions held?
      Initial consultations and traditional coaching sessions are held in Harley Street, please enquire as days can change.
    • Do you work on weekends?
    • Are the sessions group or private?
      All sessions are one-on-one private and totally confidential.
    • Do we have to be married?
      No, all couples are welcome.
    • What’s your cancellation policy?
      Your appointment must be cancelled 7 days in advance of your meeting.
    • Can I use insurances to pay for sessions?
      No, insurances will not cover these relationship-based sessions
    • Do you have other clinics?
      No. Harley Street only.
    • How much is an initial consultation?
      £750 INC VAT: Please note this is not an hourly or session rate purely the fee for Stephen’s expertise on what has to happen to solve your specific problem.
    • How do I book my Initial Consultation?
      Please click here to make an appointment