How to regain trust in a relationship?

Whenever there is a breach of trust in a relationship it can feel impossible to get that trust back. Especially if it seems that a breach of trust has happened multiple times.

What you are about to read is what the smart people are learning so please read carefully. You see, when dealing with relationship challenges the logic you think will fix the problems is rarely what will. So if you want to learn what really works please become curious about what your going to discover below.

For every couple who are experiencing problems, loss of trust is going to be one of their biggest challenges.

It’s obvious that someone might want to know, how to rebuild trust after cheating, or after an affair, however trust is not only attached to other people, infidelity and lying…

…Trust has many forms not just to do with infidelity.

  • Can I trust you to love me?
  • Can I trust you to understand me?
  • Can I trust me to really understand you?
  • Can I trust me to look for the best in you?
  • Can I trust me to assume you want the best for me?
  • Can I trust me to live true to what I say is important to me?

When I’m working with couples the trend is usually one or both people are struggling to really trust each other on many levels.

They usually have a high expectation of each other yet a really low expectation of themselves. To help them move forward it is key for that person to understand the real challenge.

You see “trust” is something most of us value, especially in a relationship, however most people are not trusting themselves and the relationship suffers.

For example:

  • When a relationship goes into crisis, many individuals will have noticed that they have lost a sense of their true identity – who they really are! Many people are not trusting themselves to remain true to themselves, this can create huge discomfort for that person and they can attach that discomfort to their relationship.
  • If a person holds back their real feelings just to keep the relationship going. Don’t kid yourself, holding back your truth is you lying to your partner and yourself. Never bury problems they have a nasty habit of creating bigger ones much later.
  • If a person keeps repeating the same behaviours expecting their partner to behave differently. How many couples create circular patterns of behaviours and assume that just the way it is. You have to trust yourself to do all you can. That mean if you don’t know the answer find someone that does.

You see what so many people are missing is the starting point of creating a trust that’s really solid is to trust yourself to be your authentic self at all times.

In relationship terms this means letting going of protecting yourself and giving your relationship the very best of you. If you don’t know how to do that then please make it your mission.

You see if you hold back in your relationship your partner will feel it and react to it.

Most people in relationships are not out to hurt each other, but unfortunately many do without understanding what they have really done.

Learning how to regain trust is totally possible once you really understand what the real challenge is. The key of course is to help two people learn how to trust themselves to be the best they can in their relationship.

Trust sits at the foundation of any relationship so it is one of the pillars that has to be rock solid.

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