Marriage Coaching Sessions


Want To Overcome Your Marital Challenges
And Improve Your Relationship?

Stephen Hedgers Marriage Coaching Sessions are designed for couples seeking advice and new skills to overcome everyday marital challenges. Whether you are a newly wed or a married couple with 30 years experience, we can help with problems such as loss of intimacy, communication issues, arguments, loss of trust, affairs including the inability to meet each others needs.

Couples who have successfully completed our Divorce Prevention Program, also use our Marriage Advice Sessions to ensure their marriage is not just lasting, it remains passionate too.

Our approach to marital advice is different to traditional counselling. Our sessions are results focused to help couples see their problems differently so they can be solved quickly.

Your problems will be unique to you, so you will be taken step-by-step through a process to help you make the changes you desire safely.

You will learn the skills and tools needed to solve your own future challenges and make decisions that will support your future.

These session are designed to help couples overcome minor problems or to get direction on more serious issues.

Here is a small list of typical problems we help with daily in Harley Street.

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Affairs
  • Stress & Depression in a Marriage
  • Marriage Planning
  • Life Purpose Planning
  • Pre Marital Advice
  • Jealously
  • Boredom

Sessions are held in Harley Street. Sessions are conducted by Stephen Hedger who has spent 11+ years helping marriages in crisis and stopping divorce.


  • "It seems like a miracle, with only few hours of coaching, our lives have changed for better."

  • Stephen has been a very patient and supportive coach, guiding me through some difficult ‘blocks’ and restoring my self esteem and confidence. Through his sessions I have learnt how to nurture my internal power and use it positively to develop my self awareness and strength.
    Jane Oxford
  • “Stephen has been invaluable in rebuilding our relationship. When we came to see Stephen we both agreed that this was our last attempt at fixing our relationship. We loved each other and had tried counselling for 6 months but with no progress.

    The personal side of our relationship was non-existent. During the sessions we both discovered what we both need to be happy and it was not what we thought.

    Within six 6 weeks we were back on track and making plans for our future which looked exciting again. What’s even better is now after being together for over 6 years and with a little one under 5 my husband is now dating me again.”
    Andrew & Sarah UK


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