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"Looking for Marriage counselling in London?"

"Marriage in Crisis? Are you looking for a Marriage Expert to permanently fix your problems?"

Couples are going round in circles totally unaware of the simple steps they can both take to successfully solve their marriage problems. If you are looking for a caring expert who provides powerful advice quickly, this is for you...

Testimonial: Tim and I went to see Stephen Hedger because after nearly twenty years together
our relationship seemed to have fallen into an unhappy rut which neither of us knew how to get out of, home
became quite hostile. The results have far exceeded our expectations. Stephen appears somehow to have
re focused our hearts and minds and completely turned us around. Tim & I feel immensely grateful to
Stephen and would highly recommend him.
Tim & Sue, Banker & Housewife

Stephen Hedger based in Harley Street London, is the choice of business leaders, business owners, Judges, Lawyers, Celebrities and Royalty to name a few.

He is an international relationship expert who accepts clients from around the globe who choose to apply for his successful results focused guidance on complex problems.

If you are genuinely searching for the very best solutions for your marriage problems then this is for you. For appointments call 0845 519 4808

Stephen Hedger Relationship / Marriage Rescue Expert: Harley Street London

Couples go round in circles trying to fix their problems

When couples go round in circles with their problems two things happen, firstly the problem(s) can seem impossible to fix and secondly this can lead to one or both of you needing to emotionally detach resulting in loss of feelings.

It’s likely that you and your partner have been experiencing problems and suffering for many months or even years. You may have tried to fix your own problems with little success and both of you are becoming frustrated and emotionally empty.

You may have also tried traditional marriage counselling without success and need the more strategic approach Stephen offers.

Many couples come to Stephen as a last ditched attempt to save their marriage. Stephen explains that it’s important to act fast with emotional challenges because unresolved relationship problems can lead to a powerful involuntary state called emotional detachment and this leads people to see divorce as the only solution to their emotional pain. So the moment you know you can’t solve your problems together take action.

Typical signs that lead to detachment are blocks on intimacy, conflict, selfish behaviours, overly controlling, threatening to leave and silence to name a few.

This emotional state of detachment makes the relationship very vulnerable and can lead individuals to act totally out of character.


Appointments please call 0845 519 4808


Our Solution is different:
A Marriage Breakthrough Program

with Stephen Hedger Marriage Expert

Stephen Hedger offers his clients a strategic roadmap to take them from where they are today to where they both really want to be, safely. Just because a couple has tried to fix their problems and failed it does not mean the problem is impossible to solve. The couple simply don't yet have the critical tools they need.

Step-by-step the couple will discover what really has to happen for their relationship to actually become successful.

The couple will learn how to support each other to overcome and breakthrough their resentments and move to creating a dynamic that actually meets both their individual needs.

The goal is not just to help the couple to solve their problems together, but to provide them with the tools that will help them deal with any situation in the future as a team.


The Critical Relationship building Tools

All couples will be given critical tools that will help them rebuild their relationship so it can be the way they both want it to be, both now and through future life stages.

They will both learn…

Key Communication skills

Rebuilding, Trust and Respect

Understanding the significant differences between men and women

How to communicate and meet each others critical needs

How sexual energy is ignited

How to really build a future that works

Dealing with external pressures

Plus all the most important qualities that actually build successful relationships.

Most of all the couple will learn sophisticated and powerful strategies that will solve problems together by using each others unique strengths that will empower them to becoming a unique team and leaders of their families.


Appointments please call 0845 519 4808


Couples quickly notice changes in how they feel

When couples learn how to apply these simple yet powerful strategy to their relationship couples quickly start to notice changes they weren’t expecting.

Couples that thought their loved had died permanently, fell in love again.

Couples whose thought their sex life had died forever had reconnected.

Couples whose future looked bleak and full of pain could now see a future that was pleasurable an exciting again.

Couples who learnt how to communicate discovered that they could be all of who they really are and they were loved in the way they wanted.

In essence couples are rediscovering themselves and bringing the best of themselves to their marriages.


Hidden Benefits you'll both get from Stephens work

Not only do the couple learn how to reignite their marriage they also discover how to become effective leaders/parents, giving their children a loving and growth orientated model to follow, thus keeping them safe in their futures.

The individuals rediscover their own dreams and bring their true essence to their lives so life feels the way it should be.

They become more confident within themselves.

The biggest hidden benefit is the ability to create fulfilment through understanding how it really happens.


Stephen clients review working with him…

Some of my clients have been kind enough to share their experience of working with me. More reviews are available by clicking testimonials.

Home became quite hostile which affected our children...

Tim and I went to see Stephen Hedger because after nearly twenty years together our relationship seemed to have fallen into an unhappy rut which neither of us knew how to get out of.

Like most couples at the beginning of the relationship we were blissfully happy and both felt incredibly lucky to have found each other and looked forward to sharing our lives, making a family of our own and growing old together.

Life was good to us generally but the everyday stress of work, three children and buying a house we couldn’t quite afford slowly chipped away at our relationship.Tension, resentment and insecurities crept in over several years and gradually increased to the point that the atmosphere at home became quite hostile which affected our children and made everyone unhappy.

We were both confident that we could make our marriage happy again as the foundations were still strong but our efforts to improve the situation invariably resulted in arguments, blame, hurt and further resentment.  It was hugely frustrating and depressing for everyone so we agreed to seek some outside help.

Tim & I consider ourselves to be fairly intelligent but we were in a generally negative state of mind and were sceptical of marriage counsellors who promised so much but then spouted a load of unhelpful clichés.  We did a bit of internet research and came across Stephen’s website and arranged an appointment.

The first few sessions involved Stephen getting to know us and would often involve questions and suggestions to consider for the next session.  Apart from that the whole process was surprisingly easy and subtle.  We were sceptical at first, Tim probably more so, but felt we were moving in the right direction so stuck with it.

We had several sessions with Stephen over three or four months.  It’s hard to describe Stephen’s methods but he has a remarkable knowledge and perception of people, their brains and emotional responses.  The sessions were calm and constructive, dealing with our shared and individual values, needs and hopes.  They were sometimes emotional but Stephen subtly managed to avoid it becoming negative, as was the case in our previous efforts, there was no blame or judgement.

The results have far exceeded our expectations.  We had hoped to get out of the unhappy rut and stop the negative spiral our relationship had developed.  Without wishing to sound weird or cheesy, Stephen appears somehow to have re focused our hearts and minds and completely turned us around.  It is now three months since our last session with Stephen and I’m delighted to say our marriage is wonderful, positive, intimate, fun and happy.  We hadn’t appreciated how depressed and exhausted our marriage had become until Stephen made it better and we now get unexpected levels of energy and joy.

Tim & I feel immensely grateful to Stephen and would highly recommend him.  He may seem expensive, but for the price of a decent family holiday (until recently just a source of more bad feeling) you could get your happiness back, he’s very good value!

She told me she didn't love me anymore...

My wife told me out of the blue that she loved me but wasn't in love with me anymore. This came as a complete shock to me. I had known that things weren't great between us but had just assumed it was one of those patches that every marriage goes through. Clearly my wife felt very differently.

As we have a young child we agreed that we would go and see a couples counsellor - a decision that was pretty disastrous. That counsellor took a difficult and upsetting situation and turned it into something much worse. The sessions were bleak, depressing and frankly fairly poisonous - they made us both feel awful about ourselves and our relationship and made us believe that there was little hope for us to turn things round.

After several sessions with that counsellor things kind of fell to pieces and I was pretty convinced that we were heading for divorce.

I felt that there had to be a way for us to work things out and wasn't prepared to give up. One day I found Stephen's website and it was clear that his approach was completely different. I called his office straight away and spoke to him later that day. We only spoke for 10 minutes but those 10 minutes made more sense and gave me more hope than several hours with the previous counsellor ever did.

He seemed to intuitively understand what the problems were and what could be done about it. And it was clear that he worked fast. I knew we were in deep crisis so I booked us in immediately.

My wife by this stage was convinced that our relationship was over, but agreed to see Stephen for the sake of our son.

We both started off with some individual sessions with Stephen. Stephen challenged us both around the thinking and behaviour that had led to to be in crisis. He showed us as individuals where we had gone wrong and the ways we could change things to make things work. He continually challenged and pushed us forward.

After our individual sessions we moved into his premium 3 month programme. This was the best decision we made. Stephen clearly put a huge amount of thought and planning into our couples sessions and that paid massive dividends for us. Things were still pretty bleak when we started the couples sessions but within a few weeks things started to improve. After just 2 months we are in a completely different position - a position I hadn't believed was possible.

We have now reconnected and are rebuilding our marriage with huge hope for the future and a completely different understanding of ourselves, each other and our relationship. Far from having no hope (as the previous counsellor had told us!), Stephen has shown us how to get out of this crisis and how a wonderful, happy marriage is completely available to us. He is showing us step by step how to rebuild our relationship and how to never return to the crisis that we faced.

Day by day our relationship is getting better and better when a short time ago I was convinced it was over. I cannot thank him enough for saving my marriage and my family from a situation which seemed completely devoid of hope.

House on the market and divorce lawyers consulted


I wanted to write to say thank you. There has been a huge turning point in our relationship. We have both worked really hard at following your advice and I have started to allow myself to get close to D physically.

From where we were a few months ago – with the house on the market and divorce lawyers consulted – to where we are now feels nothing short of a miracle. We both realise that there is still so much love and so much worth saving. It was just all disguised under fear, anger, resentment, loneliness and feelings of disconnect and hopelessness.

Your skill as a coach is very special. Anyone who has tried traditional counselling and failed (as we had) should definitely try you before throwing in the towel.

With very best wishes

Grace – London

We were planning our divorce...

During the two hour session Stephen took us though a very different understanding of our relationship. What we learnt really opened our eyes, suddenly we were able to understand each other in a way we had never considered before. We both agreed after the session that divorce was a mistake and with what we had learnt there was hope.

Rachael & Richard London

Our relationship had become passionless

Stephen has been invaluable in rebuilding our relationship. We loved each other and had tried counselling for 6 months but with no progress. The intimate side of our relationship was non-existent. Within six 6 weeks we were back on track and making plans for our future which looked exciting again.

Andrew & Sarah

I had an affair and thought I had lost her...

Mutual resentments that had built up over time led to each of us seeking attention and reassurance from people outside our marriage. At the beginning of our first session, my wife and I were uncomfortable in each other’s presence, but Stephen got us talking about why we had come: because we wanted to put the past behind us and sort out our marriage. After a few sessions, we already felt much happier and more secure with each other, I now feel like I understand my wife’s past, present and future.

Thank you, Stephen. Without your help, I don’t know where we would have been.

Thomas, London


Stephens work is very successful, but it isn’t for everyone

Stephen believes your relationship and life is valuable and his service reflects this. He also believes that everyone has the ability within them to achieve amazing results.

Counselling room

To work with Stephen you would need to meet some specific criteria as his diary is very busy and he is looking to work only with couples who really want to understand if their relationship can work.

You have to have a desire to learn.

You have to be ready to become the best you can be with Stephens help

You have to be committed to the process

You cannot be in an intimate relationship with a third party

Stephen does not work with couples involved in physical violence


Each session adds massive value

Each session is designed to create breakthroughs, enlighten and empower the couple towards their chosen goal.

Stephen helps the couple to learn how to become valuable to each other with each step they take. As each layer unfolds the couple start to understand why they were in trouble historically and how to avoid it in the future.


How do the sessions work?

All couples attend an evaluation session. This is where Stephen will assess the couple so he can advise them on the most effective solution to their problem.

Some couples may need 1-4 sessions other couples may need longer. Many couples in real crisis choose to apply for The Marriage Breakthough Program. Stephen only has 4 slots per month so he is very selective as this is a bespoke program designed specifically for the couple.


Appointments please call 0845 519 4808


What does Stephen Charge?

Stephen offers a range of solutions from committed programs, to hourly sessions when you need them. Stephens standard session rates are open to everyone and needs no commitment. This suits couples that only need a few sessions or flexibility:

  • A standard session is £500 for 60 minutes.

His highest offers are for his Marriage Profiling Program. These high end programs are by invitation only because there are limited spaces, so if you are interested please let us know in your sessions so Stephen can assess you to see if you qualify.


How to book your session?


Call Cloe Hedger on 0845 519 4808. Cloe is my wonderful wife
who will be delighted to help you find a suitable time for your
evaluation session.




Would you like more information?


Deciding who choose to help you with the most valuable part of your life is important. Stephen understands this and so he has written a FREE guide that will give you more information. Plus when you sign-up below you will get free membership to Stephens weekly free advice.

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