"Marriage in Crisis? Looking for Counselling in Central London to Save Your Marriage?"

Stephen Hedger Relationship/Marriage Coach

Frustrated and misunderstood couples go round in circles suffering, unaware of the simple steps needed to save their marriage..

Recent couple says:
"Your skill as a coach is very special. Anyone who has tried marriage counselling
and failed (as we had) should definitely try you before throwing in the towel."

Grace London: Her full story below


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Initially couples try to fix their own problems!

  • Do you feel fed up that no matter what you say your partner doesn’t
    seem to understand you?
  • Are you sick of feeling that things will never change between you?
  • Do feel that life is not meant to be this way and something is wrong?

Some couples seek professional help with
traditional marriage counsellors

  • Couples report to me that traditional marriage counselling for them
    was too slow and lacked the visual structure the men needed.
  • They communicated their sessions focused on their problems which
    resulted in the couple feeling worse after a session at a time when
    they need help to know if there is genuine hope.

Our Solution is different: A Relationship Building Program
with Stephen Hedger Relationship Expert

1. Help the couple define their primary goal and provide simple steps to achieve it.

2. Help the couple understand their problems in ways that are solvable. Usually couples get stuck in the same destructive patterns that make their problems unsolvable.

3. Make the sessions appealing to men and womens differing learning styles. Men struggle if there is no structure to the sessions. Flip charts are used to track progress.

4. Help the couple understand how they got to this place.

5. How to be successful again with each other and meet their own core needs.

6. In essence provide the couple with powerful relationship building tools they can use at home.


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Couples Experiences

80% of clients attend a just few sessions with dramatically significant changes such as successful communication, growth at the point of conflict, and increased TRUST.

Couples whose intimacy has been dead for years are reporting, increased desire to reconnect and have more fun and adventure again.

Some clients have stopped their divorce after just one session.


Clients who come to me for relationship help...

GP's, Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Judges, Investment Bankers, CEO's, Actors, Singers, Models, Film Makers, Professionals, House Wives, Stock Market Traders.

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Typical help they require is...

Marriage in crisis - Break up support - Divorce support - Getting partner back - Communication breakdown - Affairs - Arguments - Loss of passion - Depression - Stress - Anxiety - Loss of trust - Lack of Self Esteem - Stress - Work Life Balance - Money - controlling partners and Family problems to name a few.


My Clients say…

House on the market and divorce lawyers consulted


I wanted to write to say thank you. There has been a huge turning point in our relationship. We have both worked really hard at following your advice and I have started to allow myself to get close to D physically.

From where we were a few months ago – with the house on the market and divorce lawyers consulted – to where we are now feels nothing short of a miracle. We both realise that there is still so much love and so much worth saving. It was just all disguised under fear, anger, resentment, loneliness and feelings of disconnect and hopelessness.

Your skill as a coach is very special. Anyone who has tried traditional counselling and failed (as we had) should definitely try you before throwing in the towel.

With very best wishes

Grace – London

We were planning our divorce...

During the two hour session Stephen took us though a very different understanding of our relationship. What we learnt really opened our eyes, suddenly we were able to understand each other in a way we had never considered before. We both agreed after the session that divorce was a mistake and with what we had learnt there was hope.

Rachael & Richard London

Our relationship had become passionless

Stephen has been invaluable in rebuilding our relationship. We loved each other and had tried counselling for 6 months but with no progress. The intimate side of our relationship was non-existent. Within six 6 weeks we were back on track and making plans for our future which looked exciting again.

Rachael & Richard London

I had an affair and thought I had lost her...

Mutual resentments that had built up over time led to each of us seeking attention and reassurance from people outside our marriage. At the beginning of our first session, my wife and I were uncomfortable in each other’s presence, but Stephen got us talking about why we had come: because we wanted to put the past behind us and sort out our marriage. After a few sessions, we already felt much happier and more secure with each other, I now feel like I understand my wife’s past, present and future.

Thank you, Stephen. Without your help, I don’t know where we would have been.

Thomas, London


With Marital Problems Time Is Not On Your Side...

...so please don’t ignore your relationship problems. They won’t go away and all that happens is they get bigger and more difficult to correct.


Remember: This relationship service is a powerful alternative to traditional marriage counselling

It is focused on Educating the couple to be skilled at creating growth and building trust no matter what happens

The couple will learn about each others specific core needs

They’ll discover the core differences between the sexes

They will learn the importance of planning for their life together

We will put key rules into the relationship to reduce conflict and aid understanding


Stephen Hedger has a question for you…

  • What if your partner was able to create the certainty you needed in your relationship?
  • What If your partner was committed to consistently making you the most important person in his, or her life.
  • What if your partner showed you love in the way you wanted and understood what made life interesting and exciting for you.
  • What if your partner understood the kind of relationship you wanted, was totally committed to contributing to the growth of your relationship and in this process would meet his /her needs too.
  • If that was your relationship how would you feel and what would your future look like?


    One-on-one session with Stephen Hedger you'll have access to…

    Powerful relationship building tools designed to keep your relationship safe

    Trust building tools

    Communication tools

    Tools to get access to each others needs and values

    How we work and why we do what we do.


    Why did I create this program?…

    This Relationship Building Program was created on the back of my own personal experiences and personal pain of making relationship mistakes growing up.

    • I knew that couples wanted fast result and for the problems to go away
    • I knew that couples wanted help advice and guidance

    Through understanding first hand the pain relationship problems can cause, I knew that my life purpose was to help couples of all ages discover how to build a relationship that not only lasts but remain passionate too.

    This program is designed to create a bond strong enough to keep couple together forever. My hope is to share my knowledge and experiences with you.


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