Over 95% of couples that enter this “Marriage In Crisis Program” decide not to divorce because they have reconnected emotionally.

They chose not to divorce because step-by-step they learn why their marriage is really in trouble, 90% of the time this is different to what they think. Understanding why their marriage was really failing historically empowers the couple to know where to put their energy with each other.

Once they realise they do have the power to make positive changes in their marriage and those changes do work, couples stop triggering their internal fear responses which leads them to emotional shut down. Reduction in fears combined with relationship building tools that work builds confidence back in their own individual abilities and in the relationship.

How the “Marriage In Crisis” Program works

The couple start by sharing their own perspectives on why the relationship has failed. Both people will have differing views on their marriage and it’s problems.

What outcome would the couple want?

A couple in crisis don’t usually share the same goals at this point and that is normal. The key is to help the couple to agree on a goal that makes perfect sense to both of them to head for in this process. This helps to set the expectation and set boundaries to ensure emotions are looked after throughout the process. A typical thoughts could be:

  • We agree the marriage has failed, but want to see if it’s possible to fix it.
  • I don’t believe my partner can change, but I’m curious to give them a chance to try
  • I don’t believe I can be in love my partner again, but we have kids so it makes sense to try

Step one: Build the plan

Once I have a clear picture of what happened and the two individuals perspectives I can then build a step-by-step plan that safely takes the couple from where they are to where they want to be. This plan is valuable because it’s designed specifically for that couple, taking into account their personal and unique histories, their marital challenges, their specific beliefs, needs and personal values.

Step two: Action the plan

Each week for 3 months the couple will spend 2 hours working on their unique plan with me. Their plan will cover topics like.

  • Why does a relationship work and then shut down.
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Learning about the power of needs
  • Discovering how to communicate effectively
  • The vast difference between men and women

The couple will get 12 weeks packed full of relationship educational material designed specifically.

Step three: The results

After 12 weeks the question is now what result do we have?

  • The couple have reconnected emotionally and are planning a new future together. (most couples are getting this result)
  • The couple can now both agree that parting is the right decision now they understand the relationship better.

How much is this program?

Marriage In Crisis Program run over 12 weeks: £POA

How to book

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with Stephen Hedger on your marriage please contact his PA to book an initial session 0845 519 4808