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"Is Your Marriage in Crisis? Do You Need The Best Private Marriage Guidance In London?

Are you passionate to learn if your marriage can be saved? Would you like clear answers & direction step-by-step within 3 months?"



My clients have learnt step-by-step it is possible to build a lasting and successfully passionate relationship no matter what’s happened and far quicker than they ever imagined.

My typical clients are CEO’s, Hedge Fund Managers, Business Owners, Actors, Singers, Models,
Film Makers, Housewives, Bankers, Wealth Managers to name a few...

These clients have all experienced relationship problems that have been present for many years, yet they learned what they thought was impossible...

... that no matter what’s happened and how bad they feel, it is actually possible to reclaim their marriage so it’s the way they both need it to be.

They learnt...

These clients learnt how to communicate with each other and for the first time they felt listened to and understood.

These couples discovered that even though they had lost their feelings for their partner those feelings did return, something they believed that was totally impossible!

Our clients learnt how to meet their own needs whilst meeting their partners. This meant the changes they made stuck and felt good for both people.

They also discovered that their future together can feel exciting and best of all their passionate connection can return.

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Typical help may clients require is...

Marriage in crisis - Mid life crisis - Break up support - Divorce support - Getting partner back - Communication breakdown - Affairs - Arguments - Loss of passion - Sex life problems - Depression - Stress - Anxiety - Loss of trust - Lack of Self Esteem - Work Life Balance - Money - Controlling partners and Family problems to name a few.


"My name is Stephen Hedger and in my past I used to struggle with relationships like most people. What I learnt totally changed my life. For the past 11 years I have been successfully teaching those key skills to couples helping them avoid crisis and avoid divorce."

If fixing your relationship seems unbelievable to you right now that’s totally understandable.

Because I once struggled to get my relationships to work too, it can feel like no matter what you do you will fail and it feels horrible. It's like you can't believe your partner (the person who promised to love you) can't or won't try to understand where you are coming from.

Professional help I sought was not as helpful as I expected and so I was left feeling helpless.

In fact I was so shocked at how unhelpful that professional help was I went on a personal quest to discover answers.

No one seemed to know what made a relationship work and what to do when it went wrong. There didn’t seem to be answers, therapists I visited just nodded knowingly, yet offered no real guidance, other people in relationships seemed just as lost. I interviewed doctors, vicars, couples in trouble, couples in love.

I spent years learning from multiple sources from master therapists to leading philosophers. I spent years learning about how and why we do what we do, why relationships work and why they don’t. I sought my qualifications in coaching life skills and then moved to specialise in personal relationship dynamics and specifically to couples in crisis.

I started to get results

What I found most interesting is my real education came from working with hundreds of clients in crisis and getting consistent results. My clients fly from around the world to learn how to gain these results fo rtheir relationship.

After over 11 years of working with couples in crisis
I am constantly perfecting the solutions so my clients
get the best marriage help, advice, direction on offer today.

PLUS: Over 90% of couples I agree to help decide
not to divorce because they can now see a better future together.
These are figures I am very proud of.


I Offer My Clients Bespoke Relationship Building Programs Designed For Their Specific Situation

I know every couple is unique and every problem is specific to that couple. Every person also has their own unique experiences which has created the person they are today.

The solutions we offer take all these factors into account as the couple or individual are taken step-by-step through a process designed specifically to help them get from where they are today, to where they would like to be in their own time.

The step-by-step process takes into account their feelings, concerns and fears their specific situation has created within them. The individuals feelings are totally respected at all times and all session are 100% confidential..

The process is collaborative and organic and is designed to last.


Clients share their unique perspectives

Here is a few of the many testimonials clients have kindly given me permission to share with you.

At the beginning of the year my relationship was at such a low point I was on the verge of breaking a 4 year relationship which left me in a state of anguish.

As a last ditch effort I made an appointment with Stephen Hedger, admittedly not holding out much hope?

Much to my surprise after as little as three meetings I found that there had been a marked improvement in my relationship and that I was fundamentally a lot more positive in salvaging the situation of hopelessness I felt I was in.

Stephen Hedger communicated with clarity and provided us with the tools not only to fix problems today but tools to fix problems for tomorrow.

I am now very happy in my relationship and look to the future with optimism.

Charles and Jane (names changed to protect their privacy)



My wife told me out of the blue that she loved me but wasn’t in love with me anymore. This came as a complete shock to me. I had known that things weren’t great between us but had just assumed it was one of those patches that every marriage goes through.

Stephen clearly put a huge amount of thought and planning into our couples sessions and that paid massive dividends for us. Things were still pretty bleak when we started the couples sessions but within a few weeks things started to improve. After just 2 months we are in a completely different position – a position I hadn’t believed was possible.

We have now reconnected and are rebuilding our marriage with huge hope for the future and a completely different understanding of ourselves, each other and our relationship. Far from having no hope (as a previous counsellor had told us!), Stephen has shown us how to get out of this crisis and how a wonderful, happy marriage is completely available to us.

He is showing us step by step how to rebuild our relationship and how to never return to the crisis that we faced.

Tim and Fiona (names changed to protect their privacy)



My Husband and I had problems for over a year, so much so that my husband had moved out.

After 4 months of living separately, we decided to look for a marriage counselor. I did a lot of research on the internet and one day I got lucky and found Stephen Hedger’s website and I instantly liked the style of his coaching.

In our first appointment Stephen figured out our individual problems and arranged individual sessions for us.

The individual sessions changed my life and my husband’s life. I learned so much about myself and so did my husband.

After our individual sessions we had sessions as a couple. After that my husband was a completely different person.

He is more loving and caring than ever. He attends all my needs, he respects me and my family. We communicate better, we respect each other more and all and all we both are so happy now.

It seems like a miracle, with only few hours of coaching, our lives have changed for better.

I strongly recommend Stephen to any couple with issues.

We also would like to thank Stephen for his help.

Sara – London




So if putting an end to your marital problems
within two to three months is attractive
then this could be for you.

Just a few of the key steps: You will learn...

Many couples go round in circles with their problems. Together you'll learn the root cause of your problems and the steps to overcome them.

Understanding your journey from love to destruction. We'll look at your relationship time line to understand hidden meanings behind key events.

Men and women think, act and feel differently. In your session you'll learn the key differences and how to actually get through to each other.

We will look at how your past and childhood experiences will have affected both you and your relationship.

It's critical that you both can be yourselves. You will learn how to manage conflict so you can be honest with each other and grow closer through that honesty.

You'll discover the core roles for men and women in relationships. Not understanding this is one of the major reason for the loss of passion.

tickStephen will build a bespoke process specifically designed to overcome your specific challenges.


Recent couple says:
"Your skill is very special. Anyone who has tried marriage counselling
and failed (as we had) should definitely try you before throwing in the towel."

Grace London: Her full story below

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