Private Mini Seminar with Stephen Hedger

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to build a successful relationship?

Stephen Hedger is now running mini seminars for individuals and couples in Harley Street.

These session are designed for you on your own or with your partner. Stephen will present to you key relationship building skills which will empower you to grow your relationship to become successful.

The goal is for both people to have the information that will enable them to become a team working towards a common goal(s) whilst maintaining a passionate loving connection.

Stephen knows that not all couples want or have the time for weekly sessions so this immersion into the land of relationship building strategies is designed to give you the knowledge successful couples take for granted.

This presentation is designed to be an educational and humorous at times as Stephen takes you through how to focus your energy so you can be successful together.

Your mini-seminar is private so you have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation and at the end.

In your seminar you will learn

  • How to avoid the pitfalls that many couples experience.
  • How to repair the relationship fast
  • How to build and maintain trust
  • Core differences between the sexes
  • The relationship stages you could be in and how that affects your relationship
  • How to communicate so you actually get through to each other
  • You’ll discover how to elicit each others needs
  • You’ll discover why your sex life will die
  • You learn what’s the most important focus for men
  • You learn what’s the most important focus for women

This is ideal for couples…

  • That love each other, but want the information and tools to take them to the next level.
  • Couples that are struggling and need help and guidance
  • Couples about to get married
  • Couples on second or third marriages and want to get it right this time
  • Couple that just love learning how to gain a deeper richer connection

Your seminar held in Harley Street will be created based on the time you require

  • Minimum 2 hours
  • Maximum 4 hours

How to book

If you would like to book your private seminar please contact Stephens PA on 0845 519 4808