International Relationship Coach Stephen Hedger offers a range of powerful relationship building solutions. From weekly sessions to 3 month marriage in crisis programs to private seminars.

Please explore the solutions he has on offer today.


Marriage In Crisis 3 Month Program


Couples that enter this “Marriage In Crisis Program” are deciding not to divorce because they are now reconnected emotionally.

They chose not to divorce because step-by-step they learn why their marriage is really in trouble, 90% of the time this is different to what they think. Understanding why their marriage was really failing historically empowers the couple to know where to put their energy with each other.

Once they realise they do have the power to make positive changes in their marriage and those changes do work, couples stop triggering their internal fear responses which leads them to emotional shut down. Reduction in fears combined with relationship building tools that work builds confidence back in their own individual abilities and in the relationship… read more



Private Mini Seminar 2-4 Hours with Stephen Hedger


Have you ever wondered what it really takes to build a successful relationship?

Stephen Hedger is now running mini seminars for individuals and couples in Harley Street.

These session are designed for you on your own or with your partner. Stephen will present to you key relationship building skills which will empower you to grow your relationship to become successful.

The goal is for both people to have the information that will enable them to become a team working towards a common goal(s) whilst maintaining a passionate loving connection.

Stephen knows that not all couples want or have the time for weekly sessions so this immersion into the land of relationship building strategies is designed to give you the knowledge successful couples take for granted… read more