Relationship Compatibility: How do we know we are right for each other?

Of course relationship compatibility is critical, but how do you know if you and your partner are a good fit, not just for now, but for life? What do you have to know? What should you look out for and what questions needs answers? What is relationship compatibility really?

Choosing a person to spend your life with is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. I see very clearly the challenges that couples in trouble face every day in my relationship sessions.

When a couple doesn’t understand the importance of what relationship compatibility really means it’s only a matter of time before something will break.

The best way to understand the principle of compatibility is to look at couples who are in trouble, on first sight anyone would say they are and have been totally incompatible.

So how have they become incompatible? The reason couples become incompatible is over time they stack and hold onto resentments. You see if a couple stacked pleasure with each other then they would feel great and so communicate how compatible they feel.

Passionate lasting relationships are the result of many activities, but the key one is helping your partner feel great about themselves in the way they want.

If individuals don’t feel good in the relationship then they will go to were they do feel good outside of the relationship. This causes stress in the relationship and so resentments can start to build.

So no matter what stage of a relationship you are in from dating to a mature marriage both of you need to know the core skills needed to build a successful relationship.

Crossing your fingers and hoping is risky, hoping that the initial euphoria will last is short sighted. Knowing that relationships needs to be worked at, but choosing not to know what that really means is also risky.

You see long term relationship compatibility is not just about a powerful magnetic attraction that will magically last for ever. Long term relationship compatibility is down to the couples ability to work as a team towards a defined goal, building trust, meeting critical needs…

…in other words the couple have agreed on a direction and what their journey through life is going to be like.

Successful couples know how to focus on each others core strengths, how to help each other feel alive.

So if you are worried about your compatibility then your focus needs to be in the direction of what does it really take to create and build a successful relationship.

Yes nature creates powerful chemical responses when we meet someone we like. The question now is what does a couple have to do to keep it alive?

So now the real answer, how do we know we are right for each other?

What is it that creates a “relationship compatibility” that will last forever?

The answer is simple, the ability to grow closer through their conflicts. To be able to communicate how you are both feeling honestly and feel listened to.

Couples that care about each others pain and love each other through it are the most compatible and are most likely to have the most secure connection with each other for ever.

Everyone has this ability, but very few actually have this in their relationship.

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