My Greatest Pleasure

One of the greatest pleasures I have in coaching people through their problems is knowing that what I do is having a massive impact on their lives.

One lady who came to me a few weeks ago was having real problems with her life and relationship, but before we could focus on her relationship I had to start by helping her to build up her confidence in herself, by understanding how she works in detail.

We did this so she could know the journey she took to get to where she was a few weeks back. With this new understanding of how she works she is now empowered to take back control of her life direction which has now freed her to be happy to get the life she really wants.

She was shocked to discover that she had been holding on to a part of her past that had held her back for 35 years without her even knowing.

This is what she said

For obvious reasons she wanted to remain anonymous.

I first came to see Stephen feeling extremely low and lost, Stephen in a couple of weeks has shown me that by changing my minds state I can free myself of the fear i have been carrying around with me for nearly 35 years, I am now starting for the first time in my life to see things differently, I thought I was a hard nut to crack and there was no hope for me, Stephan has been Kind, Sincere and Honest and I would not hesitate to recommend him anyone.
Anon South London

Anyone can make a big change just like this lady. Problems are never permanent, and with the right focus a new world can be opened up and a new energy can be directed into the life you really want.

  • The only thing standing between a life and relationship you really want, is you