How Rebuild Trust After An Affair?

One of my specialisms is in helping couples rebuild their relationship after discovering an affair. The secret to repairing a broken relationship after an affair is to help them understand why it happened and then help them build a brand new relationship. 

Couples who reconnect after an affair and learnt how to create a successful marriage, ultimately see the affair as a wake up call that actually saved their relationship from years of suffering.

Without doubt an affair is a shockingly horrible experience, however an affair is just one of the many destructive symptoms a couple can experience if they don’t learn how to create a relationship that lasts. [Read more...]

This couple did what many couples do. They created a loveless marriage!

I asked a couple in a session recently how much time they had both spent on their careers. I then asked them how much time they had spent on their children.

As you can imagine they were hard working caring parents so they both agreed they had spent significant time in both those key areas.

I then asked them how much time they had spend on their relationship. We came to an honest answer of “not very much”, this was due to life being so busy.

I agreed that modern life was busy. [Read more...]

Infidelity Problems: Who is to blame?

So imagine this, she enters my session full of anger. Her partner has slept with another woman and she’s livid.

When this kind of trust gets broken it’s totally understandable for the innocent party to experience significant pain.

But when you look at the bigger picture I wonder if your initial perspective changes. [Read more...]

How To Deal With A Break Up

No matter who decides that breaking up is a good idea, understanding how I can get over a break up is important.

How to deal with a break up

The pain of a broken relationship can be healed in several ways. Most people coping with a break up tend to focus on what they have lost. Regardless of what they have been through they focus on all the good times.

This is not how to cope with a break up or how to get over your ex!

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Advice for a breakup

My cast iron advice that works is to get emotionally involved in creating an amazing future. If you feel like you have been dealing with breakups all your life then turn your focus to understanding how to create amazing relationships.

You see how to deal with a broken heart is easy when you understand how to take control of your emotions and refocus your mind on the future you want.

How long to get over a break up

I help clients with many problems after a break up. From severe reactions such as depression, suicide and self-harming to those who just feel lost not able to escape their pain. The speed in which they recover is based on their desire to grasp their new adventure! A break up is not an end it is a fresh begining, a blank canvas with with to paint you new future.

The goal is to understand the step to creating not just a happy life, but one of fulfilment! How amazing would it be, out of your break up pain you discover your life purpose.

Many have, and many more will… will you be next?

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