A Common Relationship Problem

She has tried and tried to get through to him and she wonders if he ever really loved her. He feels he has given her all he can and yet there is no respect for him and what he does for her and the family.

He feels she is so negative about everything, she feels that although she has feelings of love from the past, her attraction for him is dying or feels dead, emotionally she feels detached and numb.

The intimacy is next to zero, he now spends more time at work, and she spends her free time with friends or family. He feels he can never please her and she feels he doesn’t care.  [Read more...]

The Most Common Relationship Problem Couples Bring To My Sessions

This dynamic between husband and wife is very common: Wife feels husband doesn’t understand her, she has put up with it for years. She believes he doesn’t love her and so spends time thinking about what a life without him would feel like, (he is unaware of the severity of the problems in the relationship, although she feels she has been very clear about her feelings) but initially she stays with him because of the children.

She knows a time bomb is ticking in their relationship.

She has tried and tried to get through to him, but can’t, he sees this as nagging and being negative, frustrated at his lack of understanding she can communicate aggressively or depending on how long this has gone on for she could have shut down not seeing the point in communicating.

She wants him to be a man, but she feels he is more like one of the children. She feels like she has to look after him emotionally, but that support is not reciprocated. [Read more...]