How to Avoid Serious Relationship Problems

Every relationship is going to run into problems. Relationship problems are normal part of life. Many people become worried when the arguments start. Arguments are a sign of passion in the relationship so assume this is normal, as long as they don’t turn into physical violence. However your relatiosnhip may need some attention if the conflicts are getting frequent.

Most people automatically assume they may not be compatible if they start to argue a lot. Don’t assume this, as the issues that’s causing the arguments could be very simple to overcome.

Using “Logic” to fix your problems?

Most couples try using logic to fix their problems and this rarely works. There is very little logic in the communication between a man and a woman that’s understood by each other, especially when emotions are high.

I become more worried for couples when the arguments stop, this is because I know the couples will have tried to communicate with each other, but now they no longer see the point.

An example: Many men feel that the quiet is a good thing, but this is not the case. If your partner has stopped the arguments then she is likely to be locking down ready to run, or could be going into depression. [Read more...]