Confidence replaces her heartbreak

I know most people think what I do is fix relationships and save couples from divorce. I have over the years, developed very successful strategies that enable couples in crisis to quickly discover if they have what it takes to be together for life.

This is why my service has become globally popular couples don’t want quick fixes that don’t last. They want to gain the critical tools needed to create a life long connection.

To be honest, my approach isn’t actually to fix anyone.

What I want is for two people to discover their truth. Do they have the ability to be able to create a dynamic that works for both people?

So really happiness is what I want for my clients, and that can be together or apart.

In the end, the result must be a win-win scenario for both people.

The lady you’re about to read about was confused and needed certainty with her life/relationship.

This lady was very tearful when she arrived. Her relationship had died and more than anything she wanted it to work. [Read more...]

The power of the past on a marriage

This couple wrote to me after attending my 12 Session Marriage Breakthrough Program. As the weeks progressed the layers of their relationship challenges were uncovered and rebuilt so that the couple felt more confident. They understood how their challenges were created and how to deal future challenges as a team. Their 12 sessions were run over 5 months due to their busy schedule. These are their words to me….


Dear Stephen

As our sessions with you have now concluded both Mandi & I wished to convey to you our gratitude for grabbing the reigns of our failing relationship and gently steering us back onto the right path. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride highlighted with moment’s of humour. [Read more...]

How to get him back

Dear Stephen,

About a year ago, when I was still together with Paul, the man of my dreams, I was in repetitive phone contact with my ex boyfriend who wanted to be back together with me. I did not tell Paul anything about this contact as I did not want to disturb our new and fresh relationship.

Unfortunately Paul found out and did not handle the situation well at all. It turned into a nightmare and he accused me of wanting my ex back, accused me of cheating behind his back and got in contact with my ex to tell him off in a rude way. I am sure this kind of behaviour is due to problems in earlier relationships where his girlfriends had ‘really’ cheated on him. He became a very insecure man and now I did more or less the same to him.

The months that followed were full of accusations and hurt. We both hung in there, was our love so strong. But we never worked it out, up until today he was not able to let go of that situation and to move on from it. [Read more...]

Broken Heart Seeks Reconciliation

Dear Stephen

My relationship of 9 years with my partner recently ended so we do not live together now. We have a 7 year old son. I am heartbroken and desperately miss her and day-to-day contact with my son. She will not talk about a reunion and keeps saying it is over.

What do I do?



Dear Des

Thank you for your email. When a relationship ends your whole world is affected not to mention the loss you will feel, so I am sorry for your loss and in particular your little boys loss of not having his father around everyday.

You don’t mention the reasons your partner left, but to be honest people’s reason, or the problems people face are never the real reason why people split up. The real reasons are much deeper than surface problems.

Why someone will leave a relationship

The only reason someone leaves a relationship is because their deeper needs are not being met by their partner and so when they consider a future with them it becomes a painful thought so they feel that they have no choice but to go.

This is why relationships end.

For your partner to consider even thinking about a reconciliation, you would need to prove to her that you understand what needs were missing for her in your relationship, and that you understood why she had no choice, but to leave.

Then she would need to be convinced that not only is your understanding real and honest, but that you can commit to meeting her critical needs for the rest of your lives together. Of course this does have to work both ways.

So the only way to help her change her mind about a relationship with you is to convince her that the future she has pictured with you is not going to be full of the pain she expects.

What she is looking for, will be a man that is an oak tree of security for her, that understands her and helps her to grow and be the woman she wants to be, in the life she wants to live.

Many men respond with “BUT I gave her everything”
…my response is always “yes you did, everything except for what she really needed.”

So Des your task is to put yourself in her shoes, and imagine what her life was like living with you and what reasons could she have for leaving.

What you are looking for is a conflict in what she values most. So we know that “security” will be one of her values/needs for any relationship. What could have made her feel insecure about being with you, what could have created a future that was not safe for her?

Uncover all her values/needs for having a successful relationship and discover what was missing in your time together for her.

Only when you get these answers will you have a chance with her to start a conversation that will mean something important to her and is not just about what you might want.

I will be contacting you direct Des because you’ll need to get this right for success to be possible for you all and especially your little boy.

Quick note to everyone…

If you don’t understanding your partners critical needs, this is a recipe for disaster in any relationship, because how can you consistently give your partner what they need if you don’t understand what it is they want.

Worse still is two people not understanding each others needs and not understanding their own, all this creates is a relationship full of fears that then creates constant conflicts and blame.