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Like the many 1000′s of individuals that visit StephenHedger.com each month in search of answers to their problems both personal and relationship, I expect you too, are looking for a solution to a problem that is, or has been affecting your quality of life.

Typical problems…

Communication breakdown, arguments, affairs, lack of trust, loss of confidence, sexual problems, jealously, money problems, stress, depression, lack of confidence, etc…

There is one key factor that is driving the problems you are experiencing today…

Only when you understand how to use this new found knowledge, will your ability to discover the truth in your life and your relationship magnify 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times into the ability to create a happy future. [Read more...]

Emotional intelligence the key to happiness

If you desire happiness and fulfillment in your life, what is it, that will really create the difference for you?

The starting point is this: If you do not understanding how you work prepare yourself for pain. If you want a relationship and you don’t understand how you work prepare yourself for massive pain.

  • Why do you think the way you do?
  • Why do you behave the way you do?
  • Why do the same things create different reactions on different days for you?

The biggest problem most people face and I see this in all my sessions is my clients are under the illusion that what they think is true, or a fact.

I can tell you now that most of what you think and feel is due to conditioning from society, and this conditioning has hypnotised people how to think and behave. [Read more...]