Interested Piece in the Guardian – “Therapy stole my boyfriend”

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I recieved an alert for me to read an article in the Guardian yesterday very interesting…

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How to Be Rich!

As a coach I am interested in all areas of improvement from heath to wealth. What I find is how the methods used to help people become financially free and healthier are the same foundational principles that I use to help people create better relationships.

So in principal if you understand one then the foundations are in place to understand them all.

What are the barriers to success

So what are the key areas that will block people from creating wealth and fitness that are totally in line with why couples are blocked from creating successful relationships.

1. Fear

2. Cynicism

3. Laziness

4. Bad Habits

5. Arrogance

1. Fear

Anyone that is experiencing relationship problems is going to be in fear that the future will not be the way they want it to be. This fear creates poor states that disable the person from acting in a way that creates growth for themselves and the relationship. In this place the person can feel disconnected and dislike who they are becoming.

2. Cynicism

Couples can become cynical about their relationship because they feel that over the years they have collected enough proof the relationship is wrong. Of course with two people in fear, feeling disconnected with who they really are, the couple start to feel the relationship has changed from when they first met and they are no longer compatible.

3. Laziness

People become lazy because they can’t see a way forward. They lose motivation when they don’t get the results they want fast. Instead of looking for new answers they keep repeating the old ones, hoping that a new change in their partner will happen. This never works so they stop putting effort in and they become lazy.

4. Bad Habits

Habits get learnt through a persons life and if they are taught how to create relationship by those that are equally lost (their parents), then the foundations are too weak to hold a relationship together. They become their bad habits without knowing and bit by bit they destroy the relationship in their quest to save it.

5. Arrogance

What then happens is the person with years of distorted perceptions of themselves and their relationship think they understand their problems. In reality they are a million miles away from their truth. So they blame everyone else for their problems and think they know best. Most won’t seek help and even if they do they are just going through the motions. What they usually want is for me to change their partner because it’s their fault.

So if you want to be rich in all that life has to offer then overcoming all the above has to be the focus. You see it is easy to find everything that wrong in a relationship and end it anyone can do that, it’s not until a person has had many failed relationships that they start to ask themselves where does the real problem sit.

Many of course chose through fear to not ask this question decide to forget relationships altogether and live life alone. For them it is better to be alone and right, at least that way they are safe.

Of course they are not safe because inside them sits the proof that really they were never enough and they are not loved.

So what is the truth for you? Is now the time to understand and set yourself free?

Meeting Your Partners Needs Are Core Relationship Skills: Are You Up For The Challenge?

The task is to find 5 things per day you love about your partner for just 21 days. Write it down every day and present your “Love List” to your partner on the 22nd day. How you present your “Love List” after 21 days it is up to you. For those of you on your own find 5 things you love about your closest friend.

Most couples and especially those having problems spend a lot of time focused on everything that’s wrong with their relationship. This exercise creates a very different focus and result in the state of the couple.

Of course it is important that your loved ones know how much you love them, but the shift with your happiness as a result of this “GIVING” exercise is the critical factor. The real key to happiness is giving to those you love.

21 days from now the world you live in could feel very different and you may have created a very different pattern in your relationship.

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Surviving a relationship break up

If you are going through a relationship break up, or you are struggling to get over a relationship, even though many months have past, it’s very likely that you will be running the same questions, thoughts or movies in your mind over and over in your head.

You might wake in the morning and just for a split second you forget what’s happened and then the horror reveals itself.

You go through the day determined it will get better, but everything seems to remind you of your ex, pulling you back to the how’s and why’s, the confusions and fears.

Some of my clients that have or are going through such traumatic times will all react differently, some get angry, some get depressed, some escape inside themselves, some leave the country. Some look for love from friends and family, some redecorate, some buy new clothes, some re-style their hair.

But whatever they do nothing seems to work! The pain doesn’t go!

You see these people are running patterns that they think will keep them safe through their pain, but it’s doesn’t work.

Many say time is a healer, but unless the individual learns from what’s happened, all time will achieve is a harder, bitter version of them ready for the next bout of pain.

Time will only heal if you know what to do with that time.

You see, break ups are usually full of negative emotional states, creating lack of confidence, self doubt, stress, depression, anger, revenge, hatred etc…

All those feelings are based on one thing… FEAR.

  • Fear of not being enough
  • Fear of not being loved

If all that comes out of a break up is a tougher you, or a depressed, or angry you then this is FEAR at play here too.

The goal in life is to remove your FEARS only then will you be truly free.

FEARS are powerful, they will create states within you that stop you living the life you were born to live. FEARS change the way you behave and so they will redesign your future if you don’t learn how to take control of them.

Fears also shut down the internal mechanisms designed to keep you safe long term. FEARS are designed to get you out of danger fast. But when you are in bed at night you are not in danger the only thing to fear is your own mind, out of control torturing you all over again.

So is fear your enemy? No the fears are designed to help you to change what you are doing and what you are thinking.

The problem is most people don’t know what to change and how to change and that’s why they stay stuck.

If you need help please get in touch because there is a way to a new freedom, confidence for you if you want it. This is not about changing you, it’s about reclaiming the real you, the wonderful you that sits inside trapped!

Is it time to… free that person within you now?!

MP3 Hypnosis Downloads For Home Use

If you have ever considered hypnosis and wondered what it is like? Would you like to try it in the privacy of your own home? This could be a great introduction and very low cost way to explore what it can do for you. This company is highly professional and has created a vast selection of MP3 Hypnosis downloads below designed to help you with many common problems. As you know I rarely promote others on this site, but this is a company I am delighted to share with you my valued reader.

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Meeting a Mans Basic Needs

Yesterday we looked at how men can meet a womans basic needs, today we are going to discover how a woman can meet a man needs in a relationship.

I must stress that everyone is different and this is just a start, but on the whole if you can make a start in this direction you will be making good progress.

Meeting a Mans Basic Needs

  • A man needs to know her love for him is unconditional, he needs to know that he is loved whatever mood he is in. The love you give him needs to be like the love of a child, so that even if he has done something wrong he still feels that love from her.
  • Men love to be surprised in the ways you show your love and especially if you do this sexually. If a man knows you are planning a sexual adventure for him and you feel free enough with him to show your darker side he will feel great inside and attach that great feeling to you. (… I saw the humor too :-) ).
  • He needs to feel he is important as a man in the relationship. Discover ways to help him feel that his masculine presence is important to you in the relationship. Let him know that he does good job as a partner, provider, father he needs to know he is pleasing you. (CRITICAL)
  • Discover what he needs that equals love to him, and then give that love. It could be your smiling face, a regular touch especially in public, it could be making his favorite meal, or of course planning sex.
  • If she then commits to meeting all his needs above whilst showing a desire to give more to him and working with him towards their chosen goal.
  • If she like him commits to meeting his needs in the way that feel important to him without trading for something in return and both people are doing this. A trusting passionate relationship starts to grow.

You see if you can trust your partner to give you want you need in the way you want it, you would never have a need to go elsewhere to feel good again.

If you feel that you cannot, or don’t want to give to him in the way he needs, the question is why? Of course I will be delighted to help.

If you feel like commenting your thoughts would be valued. Comments below!

7 Ways To Create A Better Relationship

We all want a better relationship so what has to happen for that to be a possibility. Let’s make the assumption that better equals lasting and passionate.

1. Get addicted to meeting your partners needs.

One of the biggest relationship killers is a persons needs not being met by the relationship. The couple will start to notice that the relationship no longer meets their needs and assume the relationship is the wrong one.

2. Live true to your own values.

Anyone who has the inability to live true to their own values will be in conflict with themselves. This changes that persons behaviours and stops them being the person they are designed to be. If you feel that you or your partner have changed in some way this can the reason.

3. Make sure you have the right polarity (+-) in your relationship.

Women can get very strong if they don’t get what they need from a relationship, this means the man will usually becomes weak, or he may bully especially when she gets upset. Neither is attractive and results in the woman disconnecting with her true self. This means that intimacy can become a problem in the relationship. The man will also start to feel he can never please his partner so he will either stay and get weaker (boy like) or he will leave the relationship to re-connect with his masculine self again.

4. Never make your partner wrong or judge them.

Nobody is qualified to judge anyone else, you would have to be that person to understand why they do what they do. YOU are the only person you are qualified to judge. So if you want to communicate anything, communicate how you feel when they act in ways you don’t like.

5. Never punish your partner.

One of the key goals in any relationship is to help your partner feel great about themselves and attach all those wonderful feelings to you. If you punish your partner what happens is they attach bad feeling to you and this over time takes it’s toll.

6. Create a future that exciting

Many couples seem to have no real plan for their future together, they may have plans for their careers, but the reason they are together gets lost. What is the purpose of your relationship? What is your own life purpose and passion?

7. We all want to be with amazing people and I know many of you are disappointed with your partner and your relationship.

If you want an amazing partner in your life then the best route to it, is to become an amazing partner yourself first. That amazing you will help you to no longer fear the world, and from that place you will be in a place to GIVE. GIVING is the life blood of any relationship. People that are fearful usually take from a relationship and so the relationship becomes one that trades to meet the needs of the individual.

This is not romantic, or loving in any way so it’s little wonder that trading relationships are not passionate. People who trade in relationships are disconnected to their own values because they fear something.

  • Please feel free to add your own thoughts to this list…

Relationship Break Up Ruined My life

When two people make a promise to love each other forever, and in many cases for better or for worse, the shock of a break up is like being hit by a train and plunged into darkness.

Even those that know the relationship has not been working are totally devastated when reality strikes and their partner just gives up and leaves.

You still love them, but you hate them too, you want them back, but you don’t.

The future you had hoped for is ripped from you, and you are plunged into massive uncertainty that is so scary that you can feel a shift in you, you didn’t think was humanly possible.

Of course everyone reacts differently, but these are just some of the powerful emotions that a break up causes, add children into the mix and the fall out can be massively magnified, although children can help to keep the sanity as their survival becomes more critical than your own. [Read more...]

A Life & Relationship Coach Has All The Answers, Right!? Wrong!!!

I remember having a discussion with someone about life coaching. They were aggressively against it because in her words “…how can anyone tell me..! How to live my life!”.

Many people have this misconception of what happens in coaching sessions, I suppose it’s natural to make an assumption of some kind.

The reality of coaching

Any kind of coach is there to help unlock the potential within the individual(s) so they are free to get the life they want to live.

A coach is there to support individuals through the changes they want to make so they have the best chance of getting the life they desire.

There is a massive difference between helping someone get what they want out of life and telling them what to do, or how to live their life. [Read more...]

Relationship Test – “The Love List”

I am going to do this with you so in 21 days I will share with you my results with my wife.

  • Note: For those of you that are single please do this, but use a friend as this is as much for you as it is for  them.

I like to keep things simple and discover how to create the biggest impact for couples and those seeking love. I would like to share with you this one exercise that I ask individuals and couples to complete. If you are in a couple you can do this on your own and make this a wonderful gift for your partner.

How to complete the love list

The task is to find 5 things per day you love about your partner for just 21 days. Write it down every day and present your “Love List” to your partner on the 22nd day. How you present your “Love List” after 21 days it is up to you. For those of you on your own find 5 things you love about your closest friend.

Most couples and especially those having problems spend a lot of time focused on everything that’s wrong with their relationship. This exercise creates a very different focus and result in the state of the couple.

Of course it is important that your loved ones know how much you love them, but the shift with your happiness as a result of this “GIVING” exercise is the critical factor. The real key to happiness is giving to those you love.

21 days from now the world you live in could feel very different. Remember I’m going to do this with you.

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Relationship Coaching Sessions: Why Is Love The Answer?

One of the first things a couple has to understand, is that the answer to their relationship problems is in the love they have to give each other.

What couples usually do is pull their love away when their partner does something wrong.

So in the relationship sessions the couple go through a process of understanding the importance of living by what they believe is important. Not only does pulling love away not create love, but it also creates a destructive conflict within the individual who is pulling away.

The result is a double hit of internal problems for the individual pulling away. They experince a lack of love from their partner and the inability to trust themselves to live by their own values and beliefs. This serves to further create feelings of a heightened lack of security, this feels worse and so the result is usually more punishment all round as their state deteriorates.

The sessions are designed to help the couple understand how to create the right versions of themselves. The version they will have created is one of fear that life was not going to be the way it should be for them. This is the version that is designed for destruction, and is very different from the version they used to attract each other. [Read more...]

The most important lesson…

If you don’t have the life you want today, one of the most important things to change about you is your attitude. Change your attitude about your past and do it fast. If your past is anything other than a school of learnt experiences that you can grow from, then you are in for a tough ride in the future.

Yes your life may have been full of knocks, maybe you had poor parents, or no guidance, maybe your partner left you for someone else, maybe you lost your business, or you just feel unlucky…

What do you want to happen? Do you want the next 5 years to be the same as the last?

Tell me this what will you gain from thinking about how you have been wronged over and over again. Will this lead to your happiness? [Read more...]

Are You Stuck In Your Old Story?

A young lady came to me this week stuck in her past, she had become depressed because she couldn’t get over how she had been treated by her ex. He had left her for another woman and with no money. Her ex was still with the same woman 2.5 years later and was living a wonderful life and now planning a family.

Meanwhile she was stuck depressed and full of resentment for how he treated her, she wanted to forget him, but felt that she couldn’t.

She was so traumatised by what had happened she had stayed stuck for 2.5 years. Fed up of life always feeling so bad she called me. [Read more...]

Relationship Master Skill SEVEN of SEVEN

Breaking the patterns that don’t work for YOU & YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Many couples across the world are all running patterns that are creating their futures without them knowing. Most people are unaware of these patterns and live their lives which, to them feel normal. The way they think, behave, speak everything is derived from learnt patterns.

These patterns take hold when people are growing and learning at the fastest rate. These changes happen in emotionally charged events and when we are growing up. You have heard the expressing children are like sponges.

Children don’t just take in information they take in everything, and so whatever the world is presenting to them, with no other bench mark to hand, this for them will be their normality.

It is very likely that the children will model their parents behaviours as the way to run their relationships in the future. Boys linking to in the fathers and girls to their mothers. With more and more absent fathers the male role model for children is fast becoming a strong woman designed to cope on her own. [Read more...]

Relationship Master Skill FOUR of SEVEN

Now we can start to get to the fun stuff, please remember you are free to comment or ask questions at the bottom of this post…

Many couples go through a process of expecting the passion in their relationships to die over time. So with this expectation we accept the loss of passion as apart of our lives as the process of time passes and impacts us all.

Yes that’s right…. speak to anyone it happens and we all know it does.

Well here is my take on this… The person who started that rumor NEEDS SHOOTING, all that’s happened is you, we, society has hypnotised/conditioned us to believe that this total rubbish is true. I mean talk about the best away to put young couples off life long commitments… [Read more...]

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Self Control Or Out Of Control

Are you out of control? Is the world responsible for not giving you the life you think you deserve? Clients come to me with a massive range of personal and relationship problems. One of the questions I ask is how do they create their own feelings.

So if a client has anger, or depression, or a fear, the question is…/h3>

  • How do they do depression?
  • How do they create anger?
  • What has to happen for fear to be possible?
  • What has to happen within them for those states to be possible?

Are you in control of your life or do you live constantly in reaction out of control?

Many people feel that situations create their feelings or someone else makes them feel a certain way, if this were a fact then if 100 people were subjected to the same situation they would all feel exactly the same way. Of course this is not possible because 100 people would experience something totally different no matter what was presented to them.

So this means that all individuals create totally unique experiences, and so their feelings and emotional responses are created by them, and not by the external event.

So when someone is shouting at you “YOU MAKE ME SO ANGRY” you know that it is their interpretation of what you have done that has created a version of them that is angry at you. You did not create the anger within them, they did.

  • Do you really believe that you are so out of control that someone else has the power to control you? Or is the real truth that you are allowing them to control you? Because that’s a big difference.

Whilst people are in these poor states, if you tell them that they are responsible for how they feel it usually results in a negative response. However once they see this to be true then they start to see that if they are creating their emotions and responses then maybe there is a possibility that they can control them.

This then sets them free from all of their suffering as they start to practice the reverse of what has been making them feel so bad.

Start Here

If your relationship is in trouble and you have tried everything to fix it yourself and nothing is working then these are the simple steps that will have a massive impact on your relationship.

These are some of the key steps I use when working with couples in crisis.

Step 1 – Get leverage

I help people understand the true cost of not fixing their relationship problems. When people decide to split-up they don’t think about the true cost both emotionally and financially. The cost is always much bigger than they thought, it’s far more expensive, the emotional fall out goes on for years and massively effects their future relationships, plus their children are affected for life sometimes hating their parents. [Read more...]

Keeping The Courage

We all have moments when we say enough is enough. We feel that something is very wrong, our relationship is not how it should be, our life seems wrong we feel stuck in lives that don’t make us happy.

We go in search of answers, we speak to friends and family and all this does is create more confusion, more frustration.

We may read books or go on websites like this one. Then at the point of action where we meet those who can really help us we stop.

The courage we had that started our search has gone, and we go to a place of fear in search of all the problems that taking that final step would make us face.

  • We fear it won’t work
  • We fear we might have to face our demons
  • We fear the financial cost of going and not going

The fears we discover then paralyse us and so we lose the courage to take action. So we convince ourselves in the moment we are looking after ourselves by taking no action, but deep down we know that our fears are creating a prison of safety where we have the illusion of freedom.

Keep the courage

If you know that you need help, keep the courage. Whatever you think you will experience will not be true and will be made up from a limited knowledge of how professionals can help you. The courage that helps you to take that step opens a world about you that will free you from the many prisons you have designed to protect you.

Even when you are in the process of self-discovery, keep the courage because you will have to face you, the real you, but temporary pain against a life of freedom is a worthy trade by any standard, and for those who have been through this process their result to them is priceless.

  • You came here for a reason?!

This Is For You…

When you consider the life you really want to have, the relationships, your career, your friends, houses, cars, holidays, money what springs to mind?

As humans we always have to grow in every area of our lives, because if we are not growing we are dying. So if you consider that to be happy, every part of your life has to grow, or it will become stale and die, you really have no choice, but to decide to take action or to not.

So what has to happen for each area of your life to be ok for you?

This is the point when people become scared to dream because they are afraid to want something just in case they don’t get it. So they limit, or down play their true potential.

  • The reason this happen is because they ask the wrong questions

The real question is what sort of person do I have to become for my dream life to be a possibility? When someone considers what they have to change about themselves to get the life they desire i.e. become more confident, more knowledgeable, more valuable, more courageous, this focuses them to a different place of growth for them, rather than a big impossible mountain to climb.

Successful people in this world start off practicing being the type of people who have money, who have amazing relationships, who have powerful careers long before they ever got to their goal. If they had practised being poor, or lacking in confidence they never would have had any success.

So when you consider the life you would really like, what sort of person do you have to be become today?

To understand how to create this new you, you must understand how behaviours are generated and how if you decide on a life direction you will end up being fulfilled and happy.

There is one clear way of achieving this and that is by understanding how you work and the real power you have to influence yourself and the world around you, if only you could free yourself from your fears of not being enough.

If you want freedom to be the person you really want to be, in the life you really want to live, then understanding you is your first step.

  • I run one-on-one courses to help individuals discover who they have to be. If you are interested please let me know. Click here