How can I get Love?

What has to happen for us to get LOVE? Most of us want love. Many never really get in a way which is honest and true. Couples can spend a life time together, but never get to really experience it. In today’s post I will explain why…

There is one key factor that stops them achieving true love, it’s them!

I once asked a gentleman in a session why did he feel his wife was wrong for him, and why did the lady he was having an affair with feel right?

His answer he gave told me all I needed to know…

He shared with me a list of what the affair with had given him. In that moment I knew he was focused on what he was getting from her. “Getting” is the key word!

His marriage had stopped working for him because his wife had stopped giving to him through her fears and disappointment at his attitude to her and so he was no longer “getting” love. [Read more...]