Why is it this way?

I remember listening to Jim Rohn one of the mentors I have used on my journey to discover the world and how it really works.

He was a very successful business man who had been lucky enough to have a mentor who knew how to make millions. He taught Mr Rohn his secrets for success and Mr Rohn went from broke to $millions in just 6 years. The public obviously wanted to know the secrets, what information did he receive? How did he make so much money so fast.

So over the years he ran seminars all over the world. People in their thousands came to listen to his stories. Jim knew one thing that always amazing him. Even though the people in the audience knew that he had the secrets to wealth which could transform their lives very few actually took his advice.

He recommended to those audience the books that people should read that he was advised to read. He estimated that only a small percentage would actually go out and buy those books.

He was right only a few did… much to his amazement.

So why is it this way?

Why do people follow experts and then decide not to follow the path they are shown.

The reason I ask this today is I see this with the readers of my blog and those that come to sessions. A few months back a couple came to one of my sessions and they quickly learnt what had gone wrong and why.

They discovered how to fix the problem is the first session and for the first week they had an amazing time together. They came for a second session excited at what they had learnt before and were ready for the next stage.

Three days after the second session they called me, both of them distressed it had all gone wrong and both were talking about divorce again.

When I asked what had happened we discovered that they had both stopped doing what was working in the first week and had gone back to their old ways.

You see, even when they saw the proof for themselves, it’s like they became blind.

If you have been following this blog for a while and you still have problems ask yourself why? Are you going to take action, are you going to discover your truth, if so when?

Remember doing nothing is a choice too.

Who Is My Mentor?

Have you ever wondered who has been my teacher? Who provides me with the skills to be able to help so many people and so quickly.

The truth is there is no one person, but I will share with you one man who has had a profound affect on me, my family and the messages I give to all my clients.

Unfortunately he died this year, but his wisdom will be in the minds of the millions he served over the past 50+ years.

He started his life as a farm boy at the age of 25 he was broke with a family and lost. He found a mentor who helped him discover how to create the life he wanted.

Within six years he created his first million dollars.

He went on to tell his story to help others just like you do the same, and he became the authority for major corporations across the globe.

He is one of worlds greatest Philosophers for life and business

His name is Jim Rohn and he has a gold mine of information waiting just for you… Click here