3 Relationship Phases – Relationship Test

Which phase are you in within your relationship? These phases are very telling and can help anyone to know what will happen to that relationship in the future.

Phase One

In this stage the individual is focused on getting his or her needs met before their partners. This is a very self focused approach and puts the individual in a taking frame of mind to get what they want.

Phase Two 50%/50% Relationship

In this state the couple are trading with each other for what they need in a relationship. The couple will give to each other, but they want something in return.

Phase Three 100%/0

In this phase the couple are focused on understanding each other needs and making sure those needs are met, with no expectation of anything in return.

Which relationship phase are you in and what is likely to happen to your relationship?

In Phase One a me focused relationship is doomed to fail. Even if the couple stay together they will resent each other and find other ways to meet their needs. Remember our needs are critical which means they have to be met.

In Phase Two a trading relationship. This relationship will end up with a loss of intimacy and like a brother and sister type relationship. The man could be beaten emotionally by the woman and the woman will be strong or depressed or both. The man could also bully to get what he wants and convince his partner he is right. There are many ways in which people trade, none of it works and if they don’t split up, an underlying unhappiness sits in the relationship. This results in resentment and loss of respect.

In Phase Three the couple who are focused on meeting their partner needs with no expectation. These are the ones who will succeed not only in creating a lasting relationship, but will also keep their intimacy and passion. Most couples don’t do this and so the myths that surround relationships, such as over time the passion goes, comes true and is accepted.

The process of giving selflessly to those you say you love is likely to put an individual at peace with themselves then the cause and effect process becomes automatic as the receiver wants to give back. When a couple work to understand each others needs and takes action to fulfill them a wonderful new meaning takes over the relationship.

If you are in a relationship and you want to keep it, this is the only model that really works!

So where are you and your partner?

  • Phase One
  • Phase Two
  • Phase Three
  • If you want to now learn more about how to practice Phase Three so it works please get in touch.