Relationship Breakdown

The most important thing to understand in any relationship breakdown is the fact that both people in the relationship have a hand in the process.

There is rarely one person to blame!

One of the areas of relationship breakdown that is critical to understand is the relationship with yourself. In other words how you work and why you do what you do.

This is critical because unless you understand this you will be presenting and behaving in a way that is not representative of the true you despite what you may think.

Many couples experience frustration with each other as they feel misunderstood.

Many things come into play.

  • Differing upbringing
  • The sexes communicate totally differently
  • Not understanding the importance of each other needs
  • Many couples notice how their partners seem to change personality yet struggle to know how significant this is to themselves and their relationship.
  • Not understanding their fears or what they specifically fear that is driving them apart.
  • Boundaries that are both too strict and not strict enough causing inner conflicts

Of course every couple is different and the complications that grow as the couple meets challenges that life throws at them is very telling.

Understanding you and how you work will enable you to have a far better chance to live the life you deserve.

Today you may feel that something in your life or relationship is wrong. No matter what it is, with the right focus and understanding and with the right actions on the back of that understanding, new and exciting relationships and lives can be built.

All it takes is for you to commit to you…

If you want to avoid a relationship breakdown that is perminent act fast, and act now.